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Abah. We barely have enough money for food. Abah! Take a break. You’ve been working since morning. Just a little more. It’s bad omen, Abah. Okay. -Abah. -Yes? One more is enough. I can get you two. No need. Just one more. Yes. -Oh, my! -Abah! -Abah! -Abah! Help him, will you? Stop talking. Let’s go. Emak. I’ll find another job. Be careful, Ara, it’s hot. Here you go. Emak, how’s Abah doing? A broken bone takes a while to recover. Sorry I had to borrow more money from you. Don’t worry about it. I’m looking for a new job myself. New job? Yes. I can’t stay being a “loan woman” forever. I’m trying to become an “enter woman”. “Enter woman”? Running a business. Entrepreneur? But that’s for men. If you want to run a business. .I’ll invest on it. A good one. If you want to run a business. .and if it’s a good one, I’ll invest on it. Has to be something easy to make. And delicious. That’s right. Something practical and efficient. With minimum capital and risks. Emak. I know the perfect business! Let’s sell. Secondhand metals. What about these opak? “Then the storm comes.” “The pine tree is flailing to the left.” Mom. So I have to bring these to school? Yes, of course. -To the right, spin. -How about this? I’ll teach you how to sell them, okay? Let’s take a break. Okay. -Want to buy some? -No. What’s that? Opak. Euis. Are you selling these? Yeah. This is all I can do. How much for a pack? , rupiahs. Why? Opak crackers for only ,. Come on, buy some! Why ,? , is too cheap. Come on, be more enthusiastic. Let’s try. Let her try. Opak crackers for only ,. You can do it. Opak crackers for only ,! Now you’re talking! -Opak! -Again. -Opak crackers for only ,! -Opak crackers for only ,! Okay. Deni. Please introduce yourself. Hello. My name is Deni. I. I. I. I. I am fried chicken. It’s okay, Deni. Andi. It’s your turn. My name is Andi. I. I. I. I am fried chicken. Okay, Andi. Euis. Would you try? Hello, my name is Euis. I’m years old. I’m from Jakarta. I like dance and sing. When I grow up, I really want to become a lawyer. That’s good. Can you write it for me? Sure.

Phone: 0161 818 2627

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