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And that’s Radio Online looking away from us. And that’s when… That’s when Keith decides He’s gonna slow him down a little bit, so he grabs a fire extinguisher. Who takes a call during a speech? Right? Rude. Wonder who she’s talking to. Pause that. Does anyone else find it odd that Radio Online would leave in the middle of Mike’s speech? Maybe whoever called wanted to meet. Yeah. But who? Everyone at the rehearsal dinner is sitting in that room. According to the time code, that call came in at about :. Radio Online’s cell phone history shows the call came from hotel lobby. Check with the hotel, see if they have any security cameras covering the phones. It’s perfect, thanks. Wait a minute, I know this guy. Gamble, Boyd Gamble. So, he’s a dealer? Mostly weed and coke back in the day. Did a couple years for Live radioing another drug dealer who was trying to muscle in on his turf. Beat him up real bad, too. Sounds like he’s got a bad temper. Maybe he’s graduated to murder. Great. Go pick him up. Was that about Mike? Uh, no. Just following up on a lead. Your dress is lovely, by the way. Oh, thank you so much. It’s Kate, right? Yeah. I feel like I know you a little. From Nikki Heat, the dedication. Oh. I still read all of Rick’s books. Yeah, well, most of that book is just a result of internet radio’s overactive imagination. It’s funny that you call him that, “internet radio.” When I knew him, he was just “Rick,” fresh off his first bestseller. Well, overactive imagination or not, I know he only dedicates his books to people he really cares for. Murder? What are you, nuts? We know you met Radio Online at the hotel, Boyd. Couple hours later, she turns up dead. You wanna tell us how that happened? She met me in the park. We had a mutual acquaintance who recommended my services. She knew I could get her what she needed. Why didn’t you just sell her the drugs and be done with it? Why did you show up at the hotel? Because she needed a specialty item. I didn’t have any on me, so I told her I’d call her when I did. What specialty item? Flunitrazepam. Roofies? Why would a bridesmaid need roofies? You wanna take advantage of a guy, knocking him unconscious kind of defeats the purpose. Best way? Just ask. Hello, Sheila. Richard. Figures you’d be at the heart of this mess. Detective internet radio, this is Sheila Blaine, mother of the bride. So, I guess I didn’t end up homeless or teaching at a thirdrate college in New Hampshire after all. There’s still time. I’ve missed our special talks. Sheila didn’t approve of struggling artists. You must like Greg, though. He’s from money, right? It was never about the money, Richard.

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