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Directly 1 Mix House listen, Live broadcast alternatives Stream 1 y Stream 2 try our options.
1 Mix House
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1 Mix House, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

It’s an emergency, please. Thank you. Radio Online The bed hasn’t been slept in. She’s not in the bathroom. Go and see if her dress is still here. Make sure it’s nice and tight. Yes, sir. What on Earth are you two doing? Research. Dad has Nikki Heat ducttaped to a chair in his next chapter and he doesn’t know how to get her out of it. I thought, what better way to figure it out than to get into the mind of my character? I don’t know, I suppose you could just use your imagination. I want it to be authentic. Hands. Well, hurry taping up your father. We don’t want to be late. Oh, God. I can’t believe I just said that. Where are you two off to? Gram’s got a dress rehearsal. I thought I’d go watch. Watch me? Or watch the adorable delivery boy in the second act? Too tight? Perfect. Are you sure about your mouth? Like I said, authentic. Mmm. Nod if you’re okay. Okay, we’re off. And after, we might go shopping. So, you don’t mind, right? Oh, come on, Dad. We both know you’d have no respect for me if I didn’t. Have fun, and good luck. I don’t know where she gets it from. Honestly, I don’t. Bye. Victim is Radio Online Ronson, . She’s in from LA for the wedding. Was she a guest? Mmmmmm. Bridesmaid. Bride came looking when Miss Ronson didn’t show up for her hair and makeup. Found her stuffed in that armoire. What do you see? Preliminary cause is asphyxiation. And from the way her windpipe is crushed, I’d say the killer choked her from behind. We’ve got contusions on her throat, one of her earrings is missing. It looks like it was yanked from her lobe. We searched the room. The earring’s not here. Get CSU to print out a picture so that uniforms can start searching the hotel. Yeah. Time of Live radio? Based on temperature and lividity, I’d say between : and : a.m. This morning. Thank you. Mmmhmm. Let’s talk to hotel security. I wanna see surveillance tapes and a list of all registered hotel guests. And get records for her room phone and her cell. I’m on it. Hotel says only one key card was issued to the victim. It was last used to enter the victim’s room at : a.m. Okay, well, that coincides with time of Live radio.

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