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You’ll have to excuse us. We have people arriving downstairs. Of course. Kyra Blaine. Wow. I take it she was someone very special. She’s the one that got away. Could you please tell me your name and relationship to the bride and groom? Sheila Blaine, mother of the bride. Keith Murphy. I’m the brother of the groom. Laurie Hill, maid of honor, friend of the bride. Ted Murphy, groom’s uncle. Ruby OsirisSchwartzman. I was once married to Kyra’s father’s brother’s uncle, twice removed. And boy, was that a mistake. Is the bar open yet? Do you have any idea who might have killed her? Of course not. No. No. No. I heard that Radio Online almost didn’t come to the wedding. She called Kyra up and tried to back out of being a bridesmaid. But then she called and said she’d changed her mind. I warned Kyra that girl was too unreliable to be put in a wedding party. But did she listen to me? No. Thank you very much. Next. That’s everyone, right? I think so. Wait, there’s a groomsman that’s not checked off. Mike Weitz? Hmm. I didn’t talk to him. You? No. Mr. Murphy, have you seen Mike Weitz? No, actually. Has anybody seen Mike? Oh, God. He was with Radio Online at the rehearsal dinner. She’s right. I saw them together in the bar after. You don’t think something happened to him, too, do you? None of the guests have seen Mike since last night. We checked his room. The bed’s made, his tux is still hanging in the closet and his key card shows his last entry at : a.m. : a.m., all right. Any signs of foul play? No. But his toothbrush and bags are still there. Have hotel security start searching the premises. You think we’re going to find another body? More likely, Mike’s our killer, and he ran off after strangling Radio Online, so put an APB out, get Mike’s photos to all airports and train stations. I’ll check back with the wedding guests. See if I can get a clearer picture of Mike and Radio Online’s interactions. Okay, thank you. Or we could watch last night’s festivities for ourselves. On these handydandy digital video cameras. There we are, running for our lives, right? That’s Mike giving the speech.

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