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Maybe somebody saw her the night that he was killed. internet radio. Yes, sir. How we doing on the Cuba angle? Nothing yet. Why? Just got a call from the lieu over in Union City, New Jersey. Vega was involved in a shouting match at a restaurant in little Havana with one of their regulars. Apparently the cops were called in to break it up. Why wasn’t there an incident report? Cops kept it quiet at the time At the request of the Cuba consulate. Because of Vega? No, because of who Vega was fighting with. Mario sánchezhead of the Cuba consulate in New York. He was one of the diplomats that took Vega to Cuba. What did they fight about? I don’t know, but seeing that they were in Cuba together, I suggest you find out. On the night of the th, I was here at the consulate. You don’t really think I killed Cano Vega, do you? Given his change of heart in Cuba, I can’t imagine That the two of you were the best of friends. You could say the same thing about most of the Cuban community here. Yes, but how many of them ended up dead after fighting with you in a restaurant? I was minding my own business. Vega was the one who decided to pick a fight with me. Why? I was in charge of his schedule in Cuba. I guess he didn’t like to be told what to do or where to go. Sounds like you kept him on a pretty tight leash. We did a counterrevolutionary the courtesy of allowing him back on our soil. We weren’t about to just let him wander around. So you would know better than anyone else what Vega did on his trip? That’s my job. Everyone we’ve spoke to about Vega says he came back from Cuba a different man. What happened to him down there? (chuckles) He was very emotional the whole time he was there Uh, talking to the locals, feeling sorry for them Because they were poor and he was rich. Truth is, he felt guilty. When Vega returned, he borrowed $, in cash. Is it possiblet hat he was trying to funnel money to the island, Help some of the locals out, maybe? Not on my watch. Yeah, you can’t have that. Rich people sharing their wealth? That’s like socialism. Please. The truth is that Cano Vega, like all americans, was spoiled. When the poverty was before his eyes It’s an unspeakable tragedy. And then, out of sight, out of mind. (scoffs) He didn’t know that I was aware, but do you want to know the thing that interested Vega most about Cuba? A girl. What girl? He met a lot of locals, kissed a lot of babies. I can only assume it was a pretty young thing he met while he was touring the island. Do you know her name? Lara. Her name was Lara. So Vega fell in love with a girl in Cuba. If you take Sánchez’s word. Well, he couldn’t have just pulled the name Lara out of thin air. According to the note that the wife found, Vega and Lara were supposed to meet the night before he was murdered. Now how are they supposed to do that if she’s stuck in Cuba? If she’s stuck on the island, how did she end up in that photo with Vega at his club? There has to be an explanation that makes this all make sense. (Esposito) There is. The woman standing next to Vega in the picture is not Lara. A resident near the ballpark where Vega was killed I.D.’ed her.

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