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The police are here! I don’t know what we’re gonna do. Right as things got going, a bunch of cops showed up. Luckily for us, the West Hartford parkour community has a great relationship with their local authority, and they actually allowed us to continue to train. That was dope, though, good job! How’d it come out? What did you just get? Got some books, you know. Oh, nice. Wait, where’d you go? The library. Like, “Where did Mich go?” Oh, he’s just buying some books. Oh, Barnes & Noble. Wow, you’re so attractive, in so many ways. Jesse La Flaire Jesse Oh yeah! Yo, yo, we’re on the Lace Up Tour, you never knew, we’re going to a city near you! I’m comin’, gonna go through! Today’s stop was one of the most unique locations of the tour. Sidney and I’s Team Yokohama teammate, Travis Pastrana, allowed us to stop by the famed Pastranaland to do whatever we wanted. And for some of us, this was even a bigger dream come true than for others. You just put in the code? Ha ha ha! Check that out. Oh My God! Being at Pastranaland was huge for me, it was mive. Whenever anybody asks a parkour guy, “How did you get into parkour, did you see a YouTube video “or something like that?” For me, it was Pastranaland. I used to watch videos on that since I was five to , and it actually made me get up and go to do what I wanted to do. Especially at that time, as motocross, I just wanted to go out and I wanted to explore, I wanted to really find things. Dude. this is insane. I’ve spent so much time, just watching this foam pit in my life. It was also Travis Pastrana’s house. And I thought to myself, that would be the coolest place to really go, to be at, to get better at. And I never thought I would be there. But then, when you told me that this was going to be on the tour, I really, it really amped me up, I would say. Because it was one of those things that I kind of put in the past, saying that it wasn’t going to happen, and now it’s happening. And so that was really, really cool to me. Whooh, Team Yokohama, baby, we’re at Pastranaland, let’s go! It was nice to jump around, I found some descents and stuff. But really, when I got there,

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