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The shouting, the dying they don’t pay any attention to people in Buenos Aires, not down here. Family man are you? No. I was married once, about twenty years ago. Dreadful American woman. Intellectual. Didn’t understand human nature, she left me. Oh, I’m sorry. The thing is I feel a good deal more human . after I’ve drank about, just over half a bottle. What of, wine? Oh wine, whisky, gin . doesn’t make any difference. You see it’s the measure that count, so if they give you the wrong size glass you don’t know where you are. That’s why I’m a little bit pissed now . It’s the next on the left, just here. Oh it’s a one way street. Oh, it’s diplomatic immunity old man. Have you spotted him? I really appreciate this. I was all right when I was sitting down. Come on. Who are you anyway? Plarr, I’m a doctor. You know what, I can really talk to you. Yeah, yeah. The Spanish are all right but they don’t understand the really important things, soft slippers, taking the dog for a walk, not like in England. I wouldn’t know, never been there. What’s your other name? Eduardo. Oh, I thought you were English. I am, my mother’s Paraguayan. Hey, here we are. Right. Do you mind if I call you Ted? Call me anything you like. She’ll be with you in a minute . Gerrado! I shan’t forget this Ted. If there is ever anything I can do for you don’t hesitate, eh? Blood you know. What? ‘S thicker than water. Whisky doctor? Yes. I employ your colleague, Dr. Benevento. He was here this evening . My girls are very clean. And I’m very tired. Oh. But now I know where you are. Perhaps you will come and see us another night. Perhaps I will. If your father had ever passed through our hands, we’d be able . to locate him in a couple of hours but in Paraguay they’re still . having difficulty grasping the concept of the fingerprint. No, I’m grateful to you for trying. How long is it since you last heard from him? Two years. Mmmm. Let me make a couple more inquiries. How did he contact you? My mother received a letter. Oh. In Buenos Aires? Yes. Who delivered it?

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