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I might take her out for the day. The regatta starts at three. Oh, The three of ya. Diving for pearls? Something like that. What kind a stories are you spinning? Just relax. Lay down now. I hold you. You see? You see? You are a sea-creature. You think? I know. Relax… Okay, Let’s go on the raft? What’s That? Just something, I found. You found your seal-coat. Maybe. Are you going to bury it? Would you like me to bury it? Yes, Because that means you will be here for seven years. Would you like that? I would like that a lot. You better bury it then. What do you think, Absolutely. Okay. Help me. Will, I remember where it is? In seven years time. Watch this. Seventeen steps. And, It is our secret, We tell nobody. You know dad, If she burys her seal-coat. She stays seven years on land. Annie, It’s true. Withe a..What’s it called again ? A landsman. Unless her Selkie husband claims her back. I, Don’t have a husband. Maybe you don’t remember. But you do, All the Selkies do. Nice fries. Here.. And the last thing is that she can make a wish come true.

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