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Parts of the force have acted in a way where they’re immune from any accountability for what’s happened. My mother, when I had my children. I have two daughters, uh. was so grateful that I didn’t have sons. And I thought, “Oh, you’re grateful because you get” more children that look like me? “And you get to re-live having. Having a daughter?” And she said, “No”, because I don’t want you to feel what it feels like “to worry about your son in this city.” And then for so many in our communities, that that is a real and ever-present concern about the safety of their children, not just by random violence but also by the systems that are supposed to be there to protect them. A judge is expected to decide if dash cam video of a teenager being shot and killed by a Chicago police officer will be released to the public. We got together, we prayed. and we went in, and we sat down. I got those jitters. You know, “We’ve come this far, we might lose.” The judge, he began going through his decision letter. I think it was about seven pages. And. I just was really shocked. The judge finds, as we had argued and as we had showed, that there was no legitimate or lawful basis for the police department to withhold this video of a state-killing of a -year-old boy from the public. Even though this is what the law required, even though this is the right thing to do, I don’t know that I even believed that it was happening as it was happening. This was historic. The videotape will be released and seen by the public in a matter of days. I can’t wait any longer, ’cause this video’s gonna be released and we’re all gonna react. It was a tsunami that I certainly couldn’t stop. I know that the state would never have brought murder charges in this case but for the release of the video. There’s not a doubt in my mind. I make my. my. my, um, decisions based on facts and evidence. And so attorneys who are out there, you know, making money are going to, you know, say whatever. It is my determination that this police officer’s actions were not justified and they were not a proper use of deadly force. Why did you shoot times?

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