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We’re feeling rather , are we sir? Poole old friend, I’m going to be married, very soon. Sir, you don’t know how happy that makes me. I knew it would Poole. Thank you. Sir, there’s a patient in the consulting room, a Miss Ivy Peterson. She’s without an appointment sir, if you’ve no time, I can tell her… No, no, that’s all right. I’ll see her. You sir, so you are the famous Dr. Jekyll. Well… I’m the one you and, you and your friend took home that night. Remember? Well, what… what brings you here Miss Peterson? I think… Are you ill? There. That’s what. Look at that. Pretty, ain’t it? Did you ever see a thing like that before? I’ll get you some lotion. Lotion? It won’t be lotion that’ll do the trick sir. It’s more than that, I need help. I do not. I can’t stand it anymore. It’s Hyde sir. It’s a man I know, Mr. Hyde. It’s him that’s done it and more, more I can’t tell you. He ain’t a human, he’s a beast. And he won’t let me go sir, and I, and I am afraid to run away. Marcia, she’s my girlfriend, and Freddie, that’s her friend, they… Well, they say it’s my nerves, and that you know about such things. And you could help me. Oh, I can’t bear up under it no more. If you can’t help me… give me some poison so I can kill myself. Why didn’t you try to get help before? Why didn’t you go to the police? Tell you, I’m afraid, I… he ain’t a man, he’s a devil, he is. Why he knows what you’re thinking about, he does. Oh, if he knows that I’ve bee here, what he’ll do, what he’ll do. Won’t be nothing human, I can tell. Oh please, please help me keep him off. I do anything you ask sir. I ain’t as bad as you might think. Well… Men say that I… I ain’t a bad looker when I’m more myself. You liked me once a little, didn’t you? Really, you… you’re such a fine and kind gentleman. Honest that night, walked out to my place… I made as if I didn’t care. I did care. After you’d gone, I kept wishing you’d come back. Truly, I did. This man Hyde will never trouble you again. I give you my word. How do you know? He’ll come back, he’ll come back and kill me. He won’t come back. I’ll see to it. Oh, you don’t know him, sir. Oh, you don’t know him. He ain’t human, he ain’t. I gave you my word. You’ll never see Hyde again. You must believe me. I believe you sir. I believe you. You must go now. Yes, sir. For a moment, I thought… Goodbye. I’m very sorry sir… I should never admitted such a person, I didn’t know she was hysterical sir. That’s quite all right Pool, I’m glad you admitted her. Now sir, about the wedding sir. We’ve got a lot to discuss sir… of course we’ve never been married before. All right. But let’s not get upset now, we’ll manage it somehow. Thank you. Good evening Mr. Weller. Good evening Dr. Jekyll. A touch of autumn in the air, very seasonable, isn’t it? Wonderful Mr. Weller, wonderful. Now listen here. Remember that comet I was telling you about eh? The blooming thing didn’t hit us after all, did it? You know why, did you? No, why? Because it knew at this very moment, just across the park… Sir Charles Emery is waiting to announce the coming marriage of his daughter… to the very man you’re talking to. Dr. Jekyll. And my best wishes to the Mrs. Jekyll as is to be. Thank you, thank you Mr. Weller, you don’t mind if I hurry up? Godspeed Dr. Jekyll. Thank you Mr. Weller. Oh… Here’s hoping that Hyde rots wherever he is.. Burn slow when the time comes. Here is hoping that Dr. Jekyll thinks of his Ivy… as I know he’d like to. And as his Ivy thinks of him. Because he’s an angel. Here’s to my angel. Surprised? Couldn’t be that you didn’t expect to see me? No. I do, I’ve been waiting for you. But you’ve been celebrating. Is there some new event, some change? No. No. I just thought… No, you just been drinking to calm your nerves, eh? It is your nerves, isn’t it? Perhaps you should see a doctor. No. No, I don’t need a doctor. Would you like to have some wine sir? I get you another glass. Dr. Jekyll is a good man, yes, Dr. Henry Jekyll. Is he? Yes. Yes. And a fine gentleman too. Different than any man you might know. Yes, yes.

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