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We make these in the wood shop, but we don’t paint ours. We put oil on ours. We made Adirondack chairs at the prison. Yeah. Oh, it’ll be like that for a few weeks, I’m sure. God, I missed trying to do this. I feel old. Feel old? Yeah. I lost. I’ve lost seven years of my life already. That’s unfair. Last time I walked down these streets, down the streets of this city, Lady Gaga had just become big and the Iraq War was still going on. It just feels like I’ve been through a time machine. Time warp. An inmate at a military correctional complex. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Where do you think he got that idea? All I was trying to get at was this whole idea of personal responsibility that you seem to feel, even though, of course, you. didn’t have any. direct. Absolutely. You didn’t pull the trigger. It’s hard for me now, just because I know you and love you and I hate the idea of you being in prison. And so, for me, it’s easy to wonder if it was worth it. It was just me and Lisa against the world. We actually hadn’t met before I went to prison. But she wrote to me, you know, this really sweet, kind, thoughtful letter. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever seen her in person. You know, helping her get released, it really was sort of like my life’s work. It’s really been. There was a point when we were just trying to keep her alive. Oh, . Alright? You look fantastic. Thanks. It’s one thing that. Your pictures. Your pictures do you justice but, I mean, like, in real life, wow. Look at you. Look at you. How different do I look? If you do a side-by-side comparison, you can tell, right? I don’t know if I would say that. Okay. You don’t look anything like your old picture. No. Not even a little. And your cheekbones and stuff. I mean, it’s really. It’s amazing to me. I didn’t realize that. that hormones changed that much of, like. bone structure? No, it doesn’t change the bone structure. Well, it changed. It changed something. It changes how the skin, like. how the skin wraps around the bones a little bit. Okay. It’s just so much different. It’s really different. Yeah. Yeah. Lisa was everything.
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