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Break Pirates
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Online Radio Break Pirates, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

Hey! I think we should break up. What are we going to do? How do we proceed? ! “How do we proceed?” In order. You’re joking. It’s not a joke. I can’t believe this is not a joke. That’s all. You would have to stand up, walk, gather your belongings and leave. I will give you back your keys too. Yes. What? Of us. What will remain? I mean, will anything survive? Sorry, it’s bull. I’m an . It’s weird, I. I feel like it’s hanging by a thread. Maybe I. Maybe I should just hit you. No. See, you’re afraid? Afraid it would work. No, it’s not that. What is it? It’d be too sad. Maybe I should hit myself. No. Please. No. See, you are moved. No. What can move you? Nothing. I have. Left? Yes. Do you remember the first time we went to Orange? Your parents had me sleep in the living room and you in your room. I’d sneak out to meet you in the middle of the night! Yes. I’d walk backwards in front of you so you’d not look at my . What? You’re staying? No. You’re here. You are staying. Can you bring my belongings somewhere? Or leave them at the concierge. No. Take your belongings now. What do we do about the car? You want it? That would be convenient. Take it. Where is it? Downstairs. The keys are in my jacket. In the inside pocket. . I can’t get up. I can’t move. Thank you. Finally! You’re dumping me. Yes. Nathalie! Yes? Are you sure you want to leave? Yes, sure. Be careful. Leave, and it will be over. Don’t try to see me again. Don’t try to contact me. No matter the reason. Okay? Okay? Nathalie. Are you okay? I’m okay. I mean, are you normal? Do you realize what you’re doing? Yes! Good. I just wanted to be sure you know what you’re doing. That you could see me. Me. Now. Yes. So it’s good. Here we are. There’s something he didn’t understand. There’s something I didn’t understand. There’s something I understood but he. There’s something he understood but I didn’t. There’s something he didn’t understand. Something must be wrong with him. Something must be wrong with me. Something must be wrong with him. With me. With him. She should have told me. Mom? Mom! Mom! What’s going on? Hello. I don’t have the new code. I’m Mrs Rivière’s daughter.
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