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We can’t override the time lock. I am terrified. JANEY: Jon? I’m sorry, Jon . .but I can’t– Janey, don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! [MEN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] It is May th, , when I’m introduced to Janey. She buys me a beer . .the first time a woman has done this for me. As she passes me the cold, perspiring glass . .our fingers touch. Yes, Jon, good. Now it’s just a question of reassembling the components in the correct sequence. I feel fear . .for the last time. A token funeral is held. There is nothing to bury. Janey frames the snapshot. It’s the only photograph of me anyone has. A circulatory system is seen by the perimeter fence. A few days later . .a partially muscled skeleton stands in a hallway . .and screams for a moment before vanishing. [RUMBLING] Oh, God. Jon? Is that you? Nations around the world reeling from this morning’s announcement . .possibly the most significant event in recent history. We repeat, the superman exists, and he is American. They call me Dr. Manhattan. They explain the name has been chosen . .for the ominous associations it will raise in America ’s enemies. The marketing boys say I need a logo. If I’m to have a symbol . .it shall be one I respect. They are shaping me into something gaudy . .something lethal. In January, . .President Nixon asks me to intervene in Vietnam . .something that his predecessors would not ask. A week later, the conflict ends. Some of the Vietcong forces wanna surrender to me personally. Hollis Mason, a retired costume hero, writes a book. In it, he calls my arrival the dawn of the superhero. I am not sure if] know what that means. WALLY: You see, at the time, I was misquoted. I never said, “The superman exists and he is American.” What I said was, “God exists, and he is American.” Now, if you begin to feel an intense . .and crushing feeling of religious terror at the concept . .don’t be alarmed. That indicates only that you are still sane. It is Christmas, . Janey tells me she is afraid, and worried. She says lam like a god now. I tell her I don’t think there is a God. And if there is, I’m nothing like him. I tell her I still want her . .and that I always will. As I lie to her, it is September th, . I am in a room full of people wearing disguises. A very young girl looks at me and smiles. She’s beautiful. After each long kiss, she plants a smaller, gentler one upon my lips . .like a signature. Janey accuses me of chasing jailbait. She bursts into angry tears, asking if it’s because she’s getting older. It’s true. She’s aging more noticeably every day . [INAUDIBLE DIALOGUE] .while I am standing still. I prefer the stillness here. I am tired of Earth. These people. I’m tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives. They claim their labors are to build a heaven . yet their heaven is populated with horrors. Perhaps the world is not made. Perhaps nothing is made. A clock without a craftsman. It’s too late. Always has been . .a/ways will be too late. FORBES: And you have no idea where he would’ve gone. LAURIE: How would I know? Probably on the other side of the world studying molecules.

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