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Conquest Hospital Radio
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Online Radio Conquest Hospital Radio, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

HOLMES: Furthermore, while it might be from the th-century flag of Greece, it is more likely the insignia of I. Libertad, a departamento of El Salvador. You said the witness you spoke to described seeing dark smudges on the face of the man who ran. Yeah. She thought it was grease or something, from the crash. Yeah, what if it wasn’t grease? What if it was tattoos? El Salvador, facial tattoos, so you think this guy and his friend were members of Mara Tres. HOLMES: While it is possible two members of a vicious street gang were co-opted by terrorists, it’s more likely the bomb they were carrying was intended for a rival group. That makes sense. I mean, the last time we dealt with Mara Tres, they macred a bunch of SBK members. They like to go big. I’ll talk to Captain Dwyer and the Feds. Tell them it’s something we need to consider. So I know the FBI doesn’t want to arrest us anymore, but if you’re done here, I’d rather not linger. The evidence has spoken, Watson, and it said “Mara Tres.” The authorities can come at this any way they want. You and I have got a man on the inside. We do? Halcon Zelaya? That’s your man inside. I realize you’re not a fan. “Not a fan”? The guy is responsible for dozens of murders, not to mention the fact that the last time we saw him he was carting his dead sister around in a crate. Well, he was grieving. And, to be fair, he didn’t put her in the crate, her killer did. Okay. Let’s say you’re right. Mara Tres is responsible for the bomb. Halcon is their New York boss. Why would he tell you anything? Let’s say two of his men really did become radicalized. He may be a criminal, but he lives by a code. I think he would help us identify them. You said it’ s more likely the bomb was meant for a rival gang. That would mean he was the one behind the bomb. If he was, and he lies to me, I’ll know it. Then at least we’ll know we’re on the right track. Anyway, he still hasn’t responded to any of my messages. [phone chimes] He hasn’t got your number, has he? It’s the captain. He says he’s been catching up on everything that happened after Patrick Meers shot him.

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