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I wanna smell this son of a cooking. Yes. No. Never disposed of sewage with a toilet before. Obvious, really. Two-nothing. Your move. BIG FIGURE: Get out of the way! How do we know he’s still alive? DAN: He’s alive No. No. Where’s my face? Don’t kill me Your turn, doctor. Tell me, what do you see? Don’t move! Rorschach. Daniel. Miss Jupiter. Excuse me Have to visit men’s room. Oh, for chrissake. [TOILET FLUSHES] RORSCHACH: Good to see you in uniform, Daniel. Should’ve known all you needed was nice pair of legs to motivate you. LAURIE: You’re such an asshole, Rorschach. -Spare me indignation. Picked hell of a time to be unfaithful to Jon. Get tired of being patriotic, or someone put you up to it? You don’t know what the you’re talking about! Hey! Would you two stop? You can argue later. I had to turn the screechers off, so we’ll be drawing fire soon. Stop! Stop or we will shoot! Are you all right? Yeah. Just . .heavy, you know? War, jailbreak. Don’t worry about it. Okay? Everything’s gonna be fine -He|lo, Laurie. -Jon. -TV said you were on Mars. -I am on Mars. You and l are about to have a conversation there. What are you talking about? You’re going to try to convince me to save the world. -Laurie, don’t. -Dan, trust me I have to go. Beautiful, isn’t it? [GAGGING] [BREATHES] Forgive me. These things sometimes slip my mind. It won’t happen again. LAURIE: That’s comforting. Oh, my God. I’m on Mars. MAN: Hey. Nice ass. WOMAN: Hey, asshole. MAN: Hey, let’s see if that comic-book retard’s up here. Hey, hey, hey. Yo. You all hear? Some super-owl dude just busted Rorschach out of prison. -Rorschach? -Yeah. That fool put my cousin in a wheelchair. You mean Nite Owl. Him and Rorschach used to be partners. -Yeah. -Maybe he messed your cousin up too. -Didn’t he write a book or something? -Yeah. You know, he lives over a garage right near here. -Yeah? -Does he, now? SALLY [ON PHONE]: Hello? HOLLIS: Sally? -Hollis? -Yeah. Yes, Hollis Mason. Jesus. All this time you’ve had my number and you wait until our sunset years to use it? HOLLIS: Well, it seemed like a special occasion, Sal. What? The TV is reporting there was a tenement fire last night. There were trapped people rescued by airship . .and they say the pilot was dressed like an owl. And it seems he had a y woman with him. Laurie? My daughter, Laurie? [HOLLIS CHUCKLES] I can’t get over Laurie back in costume. Maybe she’ll finally thank me for getting her started in the first place. You know, Sal, by the sound of your voice . .you’re sounding younger than ever. Oh. Why, bless you, Hollis. But that’s probably just senility. [KNOCKING] Well, it’s been great talking to you, Sal . .but someone’s knocking. SALLY: Well, don’t get too misty-eyed thinking about old times. You take care now, Hollis. Ah, you too. Bye. Bye. [KNOCKING] MAN : We’re looking for Mr. Owl. Yeah. Hold your horses. MAN : Mr. Owl, you there? MAN : Trick or treat. [MAN CHUCKLES] MAN : You Should’ve stayed retired, Owl. [HOLLIS GRUNTS] [MAN GRUNTING] Cowering in cave, hiding from authorities. Cops are out there hunting us. Unless you wanna go back to prison . .we’d be to expose ourselves without a plan. And what would that be? Once we’ve established a pattern . .we can break into Pyramid, see what we find. RORSCHACH: Did that. Dead end. I think it’s a front company for whoever’s really behind it, but can’t prove it. We need to hit up underworld contacts, squeeze people. Sure, why don’t we just pick names out of a phone book? You forgot how we do things, Daniel. You’ve gone too soft. Too trusting. Especially with women. Okay, no. Listen, I’ve had it with that. God, who do you think you are, Rorschach? You live off people while insulting them . .and no one complains because they think you’re a goddamn lunatic. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that, man. Daniel . .you are a good friend. I know it can be difficult with me sometimes. Forget it. It’s okay, man. Let’s do it your way. [WAYLON JENNINGS’ “CLYDE” PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] Oh, God. Pyramid Transnational. Anyone heard of it? Oh, you bastards. | buy everyone a round and

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