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And we will call on those who have signed up in advance to speak so that we can provide as much time as possible for public comment. Janée. Hi, Janée. How are you? This didn’t happen because Laquan McDonald was shot times, right? This only happened after a year of a cover-up. Bull! Bull! Bull! You can never bring Laquan McDonald back. One of the things that we can do, though, is hold people that knew about this that covered it up accountable. The State’s Attorney, who has participated in the cover-up of Laquan McDonald, should be held accountable. I, too, do not have confidence in Ms. Anita Alvarez. I have it on extreme good authority that Mayor Emanuel’s strategic political advisors, They met day. the next day or two days after I announced charges to discuss the fact that they were all going to somehow point the finger at me to distract any kind of criticism of the Mayor. David Axelrod, one of the chief political strategists in this country, coming from the White House and working with Rahm Emanuel, starts tweeting about me. And it was so convenient now, because he barely won his re-election, they didn’t want him to be beat up, they didn’t want him to be criticized, and suddenly, I take the brunt of all of this, and I get portrayed as some kind of monster. Anita Alvarez is still leading in the polls. I remember the election day, just, like, wanting to throw up. My daughters were with me and my husband and my brother was there. And the room was packed, and it was hot. Kim Foxx! Kim Foxx! Kim Foxx! Kim Foxx! And my first thought was. Dang it. My mother and my grandmother would be so proud. This race is not so much just about saying “Goodbye.” It’s about turning the page, and I understand the excitement. I understand the excitement, but let us not get lost in the gravity of the work that is ahead of us. My second thought was. “Don’t it up.” The Black Lives movement and related protest groups are claiming credit. First, it was Superintendent Garry McCarthy. Last night, Anita Alvarez. Two down! One to go! I will still hold Kim Foxx accountable if her actions don’t align with her rhetoric, for sure.

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