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I say exactly the opposite. It’s probably the most fulfilling thing that you can do with your life. I’ve been a police officer for years. And my dad was a police officer, so I have a. A little context going back to in New York City. Things have changed dramatically. Police departments are not what they were years ago. Police officers are not what they were years ago. I guess it was the day after the shooting occurred. I had an in-depth, uh, briefing on the case. I saw the video. I didn’t say it was murder. Because I don’t know what officer Van Dyke saw, I don’t know what was in his mind. Those were questions that I couldn’t answer at the time. I took on Jason Van Dyke’s case, um, really from the early stages. It was just an administrative case. After the shooting, the video and the reports were reviewed by the top command staff members and everybody, to a man, concluded that this is a, um, a proper shooting. It was essentially approved. Once we knew officer Jason Van Dyke’s name, we were able to piece together his record. By the time Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald, he had already been the target of more than allegations of misconduct. But in the course of his -year career, he had never once been disciplined. There was little reason to believe the McDonald case would end any differently. The police said the shooting was justified, and McDonald’s family wasn’t speaking to the press. I was all-in on the story, but at that point, I had one source with information about the dash cam video, unwilling to be publicly named because of concerns about retaliation. So I asked a source if she could find out about the content of the autopsy. And I went out for a run quite late in the evening and she pulled up in her vehicle. She was visibly shaken. And almost immediately, she said, ” shots. Front and back.” A total of bullets struck the body. Two in the back, one in the left upper back here, and one in the right lower back. Each wound gets a detailed paragraph. Two wounds on the anterior right leg. There’s a graze on the head, a gunshot wound through the left side of the front of the neck,
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