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Find out about their doctors. Hold on. Stay there. We found a guy on the darknet who managed to hack into a defibrillator. It’s safer. You should usually be under ten meters away to hack into this. This was done from farther away. Using a virus in an app the three victims had. A medical follow-up app. Connected to the defibrillator. A simple call was enough to trigger the attack. The victims’ GSMs acted as a relay. That’s an -volt shock right to the heart. volts in a battery? Yeah. The defibrillator works as a condenser. It’ll charge soon and when it’s full. Bam! Mad . Right, are you ready? Wait! Three, two, one. You having fun? We had to be sure. And the number which triggered it? Same one for all three. We asked the operator. We’ll have a name soon. Hi, gang. The cardiologist is the same one for all three of them. An André Courtoy. Anything else? He was accused of tampering with the control system during open heart surgery. And the patient? Died on the operating table. But that’s pretty much all the information I have. That happened two years ago. The family never managed to grieve. They put it all on us. The investigation exonerated us, of course. After that, I had to work hard to find new clients. The three victims wore the same devices. Yes, I often suggest that one. Expensive, but reliable. Could there have been a glitch? No, they’re directly linked to the maintenance service. If there were any issues, we would get an alert. Tell us about the victims. And say what? My patients didn’t give me their life stories. I’ll need a list of all the patients wearing that model. No, sorry. No, I can’t give you that. Medical confidentiality. We must warn them of the risks. There’s an ociation for patients with the condition. You can even post a warning. Shall I note down the address? App. be There. His firm’s ociate says that Alexandre Desmet made a Miguel Pons lose a lot of money. He made him put his whole fortune in bad funds. Miguel Pons was threatening Alexandre Desmet. I quote. “You’re an . You said this wouldn’t happen. I lost everything, it’s your fault.” “I’ll skin you if you don’t.”

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