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And if you look at the results across the nation, it. it’s rare that we’re successful. When did you see the video? I. Two weeks after the. It happened, back in November of . And when did the mayor see it? I would guess he saw it before I did. Are you a registered voter in this neighborhood? All right, have a blessed day. What about you, brother? Not this neighborhood, sir. Oh, okay. With Laquan, it just seemed like here’s another black youth shot by Chicago Police Department. No justice. Yeah, you can sign right here. Thank you so much. But when Jamie Kelven came out with his investigation, I found out that the video existed. For so long, across the nation, we never had video evidence, you know what I mean? Like, with Trayvon Martin, with Mike Brown, we never had real video evidence. But now, here we are. Video evidence. And so I just got to researching about how to get information released from the police department. I had a. a friend, he told me about FOIA. And I didn’t know at the time, I wasn’t educated on what FOIA was, the Freedom of Information Act. We FOIA’d for the tape, right? Of course, the Chicago Police Department denied us, and we filed a lawsuit, and we hired a attorney. Part of the police department’s and city’s strategy and success in maintaining a system of impunity involves official secrecy. The standard operating procedure of keeping things secret was. “It’s under investigation.” The three words “It’s under investigation” just end all inquiry. It’s like. It was like running into a brick wall. I don’t. I don’t really have an opposition to the video being released. My concern is I don’t want the case to somehow be jeopardized. I think if you ask any prosecutor, we don’t like when all of our evidence is out there. So, the city and the prosecutors, um. They knew the facts of this case, um. From a very early-on stage. They knew the contents of the video. But we had a political storm that was brewing. President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, current-Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is in a race against Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chewy” Garcia. That Emanuel even has a competitor is a stunning setback,

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