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Whatever I did, I always wanted to kind of improve myself as much as I could. Whoosh! Being with Erik and Joey all the time has been pretty crazy, they’re both kinda nuts. They always, they’re wanting to train all the time. I’m more of a person that likes to kind of take some rest days in between. But they’re always just kinda go, go, go. And it definitely showed me on this tour, it showed me that you can train every day as long as you’re really doing rehab and stuff. But, yeah, the combination of them, going to these new spots and seeing these new communities, and training with all of these new people, just kinda brings this fire in them, and I see it, and then it gets me all excited, and I just want to train as well, so it just kinda happens. Oh my God! Dude, you made that look. So easy! So simple! After some much-needed rest and a couple of card games later, we got back on the road. But not before picking up the rock star himself. He’s playing at the playground. Oh my God! Bart Van Der Linden! What’s up, guys. So sweaty! Come here! One of my favorite things about the parkour community is getting to have friends from literally all around the world, and how, as pro’s, we get to hang out and train together in different countries throughout the year. But every time we see each other, it’s like seeing family again. So. Whaddup. Oh, it’s chill in here. Hey, dude. We finally made it to New York City but we only had four hours to go before we had to get back on the bus. So we jumped on a train got right into it. Goin’ to Times Square, baby! You gotta love this place. New York City! Rock ‘n roll. Wow! He’s not very good at this. Three, two, one! While on the road, we had a group of athletes reach out nearby. So we posted up on social media, saying that we’d stop in, have an impromptu jam. New pair of shoes. New pair of feet. That’s how I feel right now. We are in West Hartford. Got my bodyguard with me, big Mich. We’re doing a meet and greet. We going to say hi to some locals, and see if anyone’s out here. Hi, you met me before, actually. How are you? Oh, good. I am really nervous right now.

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