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You were right. Mara Tres did gun down your boy. May I ask why? One of ’em got a call this morning. The guy on the other line, he wouldn’t say who it was. Just that a Saul Maranek-Halevi is the one who got Bosco killed in that crash. And your former friends just took him at his word, did they? Oh, no, no. They checked. Saw that Maranek-Halevi worked at the DOT, and that was that. Hey, you wanted him brought to justice, right? Mara Tres just beat you to it. Look, I know you’ve been out of the murder game for a while, but do you think your old friends were tipped off by a doe-eyed innocent or. by a coconspirator of Maranek-Halevi’s looking to use them to tie up a loose end? Yeah. I see what you mean. I got to say, I’m, uh. I’m a little embarred, yo. You should be. If I’m right, the dead man was just a puppet. The person pulling his strings is gonna get away with everything. Aw, come on in. [grunts] Julie’s inside. It’ll mean a lot to her that you’re here. BELL: Cameron Maranek? I’m Detective Bell. This is Mr. Holmes. We’re investigating what happened to your son-in-law, Saul. We were hoping we could discuss the case with you. Do we have to do this now? I mean, my daughter’s grieving inside. I got the whole family over here. Our apologies for the intrusion, but there may be a way that you can help us apprehend the person responsible for Saul’s death. Person responsible? Was told it was a gang killing, that it must’ve been random. A gang did commit the act, yes, but we think someone may have steered them to it. This is all pretty time-sensitive. And like we said, we could really use your help. Maybe there’s someplace private we could talk? MARANEK: So, Saul jerry-rigged the traffic lights to cause the crash so that the elevators on the truck were destroyed? And Mr. Dewashe’s company would, in turn, lose the job they had successfully bid on at Hudson Yards. Thing is, we don’t think Saul ever meant to destroy the elevators. When he gave that van a green light, there’s no way he could’ve known it was being driven by two Mara Tres soldiers or that it was full of gasoline.Mm. It’s more likely he just wanted to delay

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