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not detective as you so claim. So I. tell people I’m a detective. There’s. That’s not a crime. Impersonating a detective is a crime. I didn’t think it was a crime here. I thought maybe you guys had different rules. That doesn’t make us murderers. A broke, failed man, lying to his wife? I think it does. You don’t have any evidence. You can’t hold us. No, but I can hold these. I believe Mr. Cavendish has provided accommodations for you at the Hotel de Savoie, so you won’t be on the street. But mark my words, Officer Spitz, I will not rest until I prove that you committed these murders. And I. will rest, because I’m tired as , at that hotel you just said. It sounds like a good one. But after I’m well-rested and I eat breakfast. hopefully the guy cooks as good as Maurice. I will not rest until I prove to you we have nothing to do with these murders. Juan Carlos! Juan Carlos! Charles said that everyone’s gonna be at this race, so whoever did this is gonna be there. We have to figure out who it is. I know we’ve gotta figure it out. This isn’t one of your books, sweetheart. I mean, it’s like one of your books, but this is real. Like, two people are dead, for real. I know. There’s a real killer on the real loose. Hey, babe. Relax. What’s. What’s wrong with you? For real? Come on. Will you just focus. Fine. on this with me? Um, yes. Uh. Okay. So there are three basic motives for every murder. Yes. The first one is money. Right. Everyone was in Quince’s will, except Suzi. Okay. All right. The second one is love. We know nobody loved that guy ’cause he was kind of a prick. Suzi might have loved him. That’s what you would think. Okay, what’s the third one? Revenge. Right. That’s the one we should be thinking about. I’m telling you, if we figure out who hates this guy the most, that’s our killer. Okay. Okay. So, this beard. It’s incredible. Do you oil that or condition? You won’t get anything out of him. Oh, my gosh. Most of his life, he’s been serving men like me and Malcolm, despite being an heir to millions. He’s rich, too? He’s supposed to be, but he’s one of children, and he’s half French.
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