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Almost overnight, the power and legitimacy of city institutions. cratered. Utterly cratered. And that creates this unprecedented opportunity in Chicago and nationally for real police reform. But a backlash was also building. Repeat after me. I, having been appointed to the office of the police officer. I, having been appointed to the office of the police officer. to the City of Chicago. To the City of Chicago. Police are the sheepdogs, the protectors of the flock from the wolves that exist in society. That I will support the Constitution of the United States. And the Constitution of the State of Illinois. The problem becomes the sheepdog looks very much like a wolf. They keep going after the police. The police are the bad guys. “Hey, we got a video. He was wrong. Charge him with murder.” Charge him with murder? What are you talking about? We can jump back to Baltimore, Freddie Gray, Ferguson. Eric Garner in New York. How many people were convicted? The grand jury has just decided not to indict a New York City police officer over the death of Eric Garner. All six Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray have been cleared. There is going to be no indictment. I’m reminded of Rodney King. What the country needs to look at is how it plays out in court. Am I gonna win this case? Come on, people. Make a hole! I will tell you after I pick the jury what my odds are. It was a tense time. It was a tense time while we was waiting. All these cases where we’ve seen African-Americans killed o. on camera. Alton Sterling, on-camera. Eric Garner, on-camera. So was I nervous? Yeah, I was nervous. We want justice for all the names and every. Every life that was taken by Chicago Police Department. This corruption runs deep. It runs deep. It’ll be four years since Laquan’s been shot, man. And we still haven’t got any type of justice for Laquan McDonald. And I’m not gonna stop until we get justice. Say shots! shots! shots! shots! shots and a cover-up! What? shots and a cover-up! What? Laquan McDonald was shot times by police officer Jason Van Dyke, and he died. That. That happened. Was he murdered?

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