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Stoked, man! It’s also just exciting to have everybody, you know, in Portland, at the spot. at the spot where you’re training. Yeah, exactly. That’s cool ‘Cause that doesn’t ever, Woo hoo! Thank you. Oh! Whooh! I can definitely do that. At some point I thought I’m not going to rotate enough, I was like, “I’m screwed.” Oh my God! That was disgusting. Yeah! That’s a wrap on Portland, baby! Odd’ed to . Ready? Three, two, one, One, Four! Four! My God! Oh my God! Maybe there’s some more. Mm mm, mm mm. Let’s go, let’s go, I think I’m going to throw up. I mean, there’s very few people out there that can get a tour bus and tour around the country, for all summer, that’s pretty insane. And he had a very powerful voice as well. And I’m really, really thankful for what he’s doing with this whole tour, because it’s just showing that there’s so much more you can do with movement, and there’s so many lives you can affect through this simple sport, and I think it’s super empowering. I didn’t know, basically, anything about how this tour was getting set up or anything. And then, talking with Jesse, knowing that he’s basically fronting all the money for this, realizing that our first gas stop, it was like -and-some dollars to fill it up. And I was just like, wait, what? You’re paying plus dollars every time we stop for gas, just so that you can spread these good vibes and bring these high-level athletes to these communities. Because the movement’s one thing, but that only goes so far. We already have insane athletes, but we don’t have a lot of people that are going out and actually making opportunities happen. So, seeing Jesse do that has been mively inspiring to me. None of us had ever seen Mount Rushmore in person before. So we all decided it would be a dope place to go and get some cool shots. Starting route to Mount Rushmore National Memorial. We could feel that we were causing too much attention, and decided it was time to leave. But right when we thought it was safe, the cops pulled me aside. Not just one , but two tickets later, meant it was time to leave. More about, like, the interpersonal dynamic between you three.
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