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He wasn’t always like that. He got a degree in psychology. He did very well in school. What changed? I don’t know. We lost everything. No one talks to us. We had to move. We’d owned our grocery for years. Ismaïl’s left a hell of a mess. My daughter, Dounia. Thanks. Her friend, Cléa. She’s lost her boyfriend. Because of Ismaïl. What was her boyfriend’s name? Iliès. Iliès. Iliès Hammadi? Yes. He died in Syria. Driving kids to their deaths. Can you imagine? When did you last see Ismaïl? He came here a month ago. I kicked him out. He wasn’t family anymore. I forbade him to talk to us, especially to my wife. He’s my son, you know? She tried to reason with him. He’s my son. I always loved him. How’d it go? We checked on everyone who commented on the video. No leads. There’s no trace of Ismaïl Bouayad online since he returned from Syria. Nothing on social media? Blogs, online games? Nothing. That’s impossible. He recruited of the kids online. We’ll find something. He suspected he was being watched and was keeping a low profile. OK, thank you. The kids’ parents are coming tomorrow morning. Right. Wait. I think we have a new suspect. There’s a blog under his soldier name, Abu Ali Majed. That’s how he got in touch with the kids. Look. If you click on “like”, it takes you to a hidden link. ISIS is manipulative and is usurping the Koran. It’s all a pipe dream that shouldn’t exist. It’s not Ismaïl Bouayad. Resist the lies. No, the guy’s tearing ISIS apart. Maybe this guy kills recruiters like Bouayad. Ismaïl Bouayad’s phone was restricted to the same zone. What’s that there? Storage rentals. A customer may fit the description of Ismaïl Bouayad. Got your gun? Storage unit . Which one? Number . Here it is. Wait. What? It might be a trap. He was a recruiter, not a suicide bomber. , this is where the video was shot. Bouayad had switched sides. So Ismaïl was some kind of convert? He leaves for the caliphate, sees it’s not like what he was promised, the myth is shattered and he spills the truth about ISIS. He could’ve been killed as a traitor by the Islamic state. If they unmasked him. Well, we did. We’re the best, but still.

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