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Online Radio NEW LIFE RADIO, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

Is it a new drug? No, it’s been around for four years. And who were the two guys the DEA mentioned? Xavier Pissaro and Dany Dewalque. Back then, they were suspected of running a red diamond ring. Now they own Ecoled. A light bulb business! They must use the company to launder money. Who could have gone into your car? Anyone! I leave it outside all day and. I don’t even lock it. In the encrypted files your two pals brought, there’s proof of Bitcoin trading. Drug money? I bet it’s all anonymous! Obviously. But in the search engine history, there’s a Google Maps search from seven days ago for Chaumont-Gistoux. That’s my country house. We haven’t been here for years. Bijou thinks it’s too humid. Why don’t you sell it? Too much fixing to do to make a profit. And we’re fond of it. Sam! What are we looking for? Hello? Yes, OK. It’s the lab. They’ve confirmed that it is red diamond. But it’s a stronger dose than the one on their database. Is it yours? No, I. I don’t know what it’s doing there. Stay there. What the hell is this? Is it Xavier Pissaro and Dany Dewalque? . . Sam! Sam! How are you connected to them? We almost got them three years ago when I worked at the DEA. What are you doing? Calling the judge. , Sam! If you do that, I’ll end up in jail! I wouldn’t be dumb enough to leave all that here! The DEA can’t find out about this. Why? There will be an investigation. If you’re innocent, it’ll be fine. No, they won’t look any further! I’ll get sent down. We must delete the Google Maps search. We’re not deleting a thing! You’ve got two stiffs in your garden! Sam, please. I must find out who wants to set me up. We’ll lead an investigation on our end. You lie low. Don’t delete anything. OK. In hours, we’ll let everyone know. OK. Thanks. . . Was it a good idea to bring her here? I know, she’s risking her job. I’ve asked her for preliminary findings and not to report anything for hours. Sorry about the mud. I’ll treat you to a meal. Hold on. “They’ve been there for a few days. Circular injuries on one guy’s chest. And on the other guy’s back. Probably a finned bullet. used for big game animals.”
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