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Directly Oldham Community Radio listen, Live broadcast alternatives Stream 1 y Stream 2 try our options.
Oldham Community Radio
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It’s not my fault you can’t talk to her. Don’t you realize she’s only ? You’ll never change. No, you’ll never change! Right. I need you. I miss you. So, the next best thing and actually the real best thing was just using it, using it as a way to build a community and connect with people that maybe I never really had a chance to connect with before. Right now we are picking up Marcus Zyrken! Marcus, always filming, you’re always filming. And Doctor Richard Ferreday. I thought you guys said you were getting water. It’s day one of the Lace Up Tour, we’re heading to the tour bus right now, we’ve got all our stuff packed. And we’re about to get on the road for days. Let’s go. Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s Sydney Olson! Whooh, hi! My name is Sydney Olson. I’m originally from Seattle, Washington, but I live in Los Angeles. I’m years old, and I’m a professional free runner. You ready for this? Yes! That did not sound very confident. There he is! My name is Jeff Garrido. I’m years old, from Folsom, California, which is like Sacramento. That’s it, baby. Two more people joining us, Robert Kirkland, our physio. Hey! Hey! You ready to do this? No. Let’s do it. No. George! What’s up, man? Thanks dude. Welcome back. Almost ready to hit the road, baby. We now had two goals for the tour, post events that bring communities together and make a really dope film. But it was almost like the film and the tour were two different things, and one of the goals of the film was to shoot in unique locations all around the U.S. no matter how hard they were to get to. Right now, we’re trying to head to a abandoned ghost town from the Gold Rush era. But the road is a little rough. Woo! I really don’t know what I expected to see when I came to Bodie. Just a lot of old houses, I suppose. Well, Bodie had ’em. Some were standing, but leaning. Some were leaning a little bit more. The caretakers had the planters, and their bosses got on very well, all things considered. That was one of the last automobiles that had any call for it. It kind of gives you an idea. Like all mining towns, Bodie has had a lot of fires.
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