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Hacking codes? There’s no remote intrusion. It was done here. Who can get in here? Everyone! I never lock the door. I also don’t log out. Does anyone here want to taint your reputation? Pierre Lemans? The heart surgeon. We implant defibrillators together. He never got over the fact that I was named medical director. Pierre Lemans will see us. Did the secretary not see anything? No, she was on a lunch break. So, no witnesses? CCTV maybe. Can you check that? I always get the crappy jobs. I have two minutes. I’m all ears. We’re investigating three. Defibrillators, yes. The secretary told me. What’s your relationship with André Courtoy? He’s a terrible guy: sly, calculating, manipulative, a smooth talker. Shall I go on? He told us about a botched operation ending in the death of a patient. I was doing open heart surgery from Strasbourg. Why not in the operating room? That can happen in emergencies. A robot was isting the operation. What happened? Everything started to go to , we never knew why. We lost the patient. And then? Then the family filed a lawsuit. They lost. They put it down to a technical failure. How does André Courtoy fit into this? He was there. He’s responsible for this. He tampered with it so the machine would crash. Obviously I could never prove it. He was named medical director even though you were the favorite. The public thought that I was to blame. I should be running the service, but he manipulated the situation to get his way. Did you get revenge? If I wanted to lash out at someone, I would’ve killed him. Not his patients. The recording on the day of the murder was replaced. But I may have something. Our cardiologist had quite a taste for women. Including one of his patients. Sophie Leconte. How long were you seeing Sophie Leconte? For three years. She suffered from heart failure. No, I’m not talking about that. She was my patient, I looked after her. That’s it. This is the phone we found on Sophie. Apparently, she had your number. Yes. In case of an emergency. Yes. Apparently, she also had your other number. For your double life. Don’t tell them. No one in my family knows. What?
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