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Her teacher called me to come to school. She said my daughter was crying, saying she would be sent back and killed. All the kids in school were crying. The teacher didn’t know what was going on. Soon she was rejecting food, and then she stopped responding in general. The children with Resignation Syndrome, they started to turn up around . We were very surprised, because this really didn’t look like anything we had experienced before that. There were rumors at the time. Children are faking. They are just pretending to be sick, or parents were poisoning the children. And these were rumors repeated by politicians. But it turned out that these rumors were what we would call “fake news” today, propaganda from far-right activists. Every single test showed the same result. There was no outside manipulation whatsoever. We’re talking about children who are really sick in a serious way. He was a good student, very good at mathematics. Even the teachers at his school in Sweden told us that Karen was very good at mathematics. He liked school very much. I was working in a restaurant, and on that day we had a lot of customers. Some of them were talking to each other, and I overheard them saying. that they had killed some people. Then we understood that murders had been committed and that these were the people who had been ordered to kill. On my way home, I had to pick up my son, Karen. I was with my friend, who was taking us home in his car. On the way, we were stopped. They cut our car off and stopped us. When my friend got out of the car, they shot him. I got out of the car and managed to drag my son out, and we ran away. By the time we got to Sweden, my son was under a tremendous amount of stress. He was very upset and scared, constantly looking outside and seeing things. The children have seen a lot. And they come to Sweden, they go to school, they get friends, they speak Swedish perfectly, and all of a sudden. you need to go back? And I don’t think children can manage that. You want to see him swallow. Watch until he swallows. Don’t hold him hard. Mm-hmm.

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