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Directly Radio Lanarkshire listen, Live broadcast alternatives Stream 1 y Stream 2 try our options.
Radio Lanarkshire
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Online Radio Lanarkshire, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

ALFRED: Count down. from the number . JACK: Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. SUSAN: Five. Four. (GASPS): Three. Two. (GASPS): One! One! (GASPING) (LAUGHTER, CLAPPING) (PLANE ENGINE ROARING) (VOICE SPEAKING JAPANESE OVER RADIO) (GRUNTS) (VOICE SPEAKING FRANTICALLY OVER RADIO) (PILOT SCREAMING IN JAPANESE) (LIVELY JAZZ PLAYING) JACK: Can you get the lights? (CLINKING GL) (VOLUME OF MUSIC LOWERS) From a single spark may burst forth a flame. Though we may be here to celebrate, we must not lose sight of the great struggle that consumes us all. Not just between the Allies and Axis powers, but between light and dark. and between good and evil. After all, we must defend freedom unless we all wish to be slaves. I think what my colleague is trying to say is we can feel good about the work we’re doing. Every plane our JATOs get off the ground is helping the good guys beat the Germans and Japs that much quicker. Bomb them all to hell! (LIVELY CHATTER, APPLAUSE) Mr. Parsons. I’d heard Samson Hunt enlisted and there might be a. It’s already filled. Sorry, Professor. We’ve got engineers coming out of our ears right now. But you will be the first person I call if anything comes up. Thank you. Enjoy. I’ve got half a mind to hire the poor sap.(CHUCKLES) It’d be satisfying to watch him do the grunt work. Or you could let bygones be bygones. (GASPS) I’m so proud of you. Nice speech, Richie. Yeah? Not too long? No. No. They’d already gotten an earful from you-know-who. Whoa. Excuse me. Uh, how about a picture of all the Aerojet men with their wives? Right this way. Coming? It’s fine, Richie. I don’t need to be in the picture. Come on. Okay. And say “cheese.” ALL: Cheese. (LAUGHTER) Whoa. (CHUCKLES) You don’t say cheese? Can I borrow you boys for a minute? Yeah. I’ll be back. We’ve gotten intelligence that Von Braun’s work on Hitler’s “Vengeance Weapon,” the V-, is on the verge of completion. We need you boys to head them off at the p. We will. Well. we’ll do our very best. We’re gonna blow ’em out of the water. Good. You have the full support of the War Department and an initial grant of $,. If you can build an operational missile.

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