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Ahh. Mm. You are now an icon to many people who believe that the government needs to be more transparent, not just in war but in general. If someone, let’s say a young programmer, comes to you who wants to work for more government transparency, what would you suggest? Make your own decisions, make your own choices, make your own judgment. Are there specific things that they could do to further that particular cause? No. I mean, you have to pay attention. You have to pay attention. How did the turmoil that you were going through in terms of thinking about transitioning. How did that affect your disclosures later on. I don’t. as your attorney says? I don’t think it did. You know, it was this endless, straight, like, you know, like. They’re not connected. I don’t think they’re connected. I see the, like, endless stream of violence and death and destruction as being the primary motivator. Okay. Now, WikiLeaks, it’s gone a whole road since back then. What did you know about WikiLeaks in ? What did you. It was much more obscure. Well, I mean. Yeah, it was, it was. I wasn’t really a part of, like, you know. It was, like. I was, like. I was running out of time and decisions and they just had the tools available. They knew how to use them. That was it. That’s all it boiled own to. It’s like, I. I was running out of time. Because you had to go to Iraq. I had to go back to Iraq. And, you know. There was no way I was gonna be able to upload it from Iraq. You know, it’s a policy of newspapers to redact names to protect the identities of people who might be in danger and the head of WikiLeaks, Julian ange, believes in much more complete transparency and he believes that it would contaminate the evidence, to use his phrase, if you did redact those names. And so he did not, in some cases, which potentially endangered informants, particularly in Afghanistan. We strongly dispute those facts. Okay. We strongly dispute those facts. The government was not able to show any indication of that. Yes, yes. Zero. Did you not fear sending out these things that you didn’t know what was in them? I did know. I worked with this information every day.

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