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Directly ROK Classic Radio – American Comedy Channel listen, Live broadcast alternatives Stream 1 y Stream 2 try our options.
ROK Classic Radio – American Comedy Channel
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ROK Classic Radio – American Comedy Channel online

Online Radio ROK Classic Radio – American Comedy Channel, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

Want to come in? No, I don’t want to bother you. You don’t. You look tired. Yes, a lot to do. But I asked for it. All is well, dad. Yeah, like always. Whatever happened in school, next morning you always got up with a smile. Not true. I wasn’t always smiling! Doesn’t matter, anyway. Old times. Dad, I’ve got to go. Thanks, and I’ll call you later! “Checking. Are you sleeping yet?” “Sure, dreaming of you!!!!!” THE MURDERS DON’T SURPRISE ME “Don’t be angry, Mr. Turek, but you should ask yourself the question” “why are the killings happening right now?” “Why does the current government” “allow a mentally ill man” “to run free and kill innocents?” “We live in times,” “we live at such a time” “and I’m intentionally mentioning Krampus,” “when the naughty elite sets the ton.” “The corrupt, the lobbyists, the investors.” “unscrupulous politicians, rich thieves” “The wrongdoers who must be punished?” “He speaks of punishment.” “My thoughts are now with the victim’s family.” “Apologies if my statement seems emotional” “but this just pisses me off.” “This girl” “was full of ideas, joy of life” “which was so brutally taken away.” “I don’t understand it.” “Listen, I’m no expert.” “This is dealt with by our amazing police,” “working round the clock.” “But, clearly, we have to do with” “a lunatic, a madman killing innocent people,” “a psychopath.” Yes? Do you have the chat transcript somewhere? Yes. What exactly did Krampus say in the chat? He’s not a madman . Then what? “I’m no lunatic, no madman, no psychopath.” “. have to do with” “a lunatic, a madman killing innocent people,” “a psychopath.” “The one who sows these lies .” “. will fall first.” Timon? What? Can’t hear you. What’s up? What? No way! The P asks for page. Of course. When outside it gets dark again, And we need to wear cowls again When it’s quiet and freezing cold, And in the mountains, the snowstorm reigns When in the rooms again . I’ll tell him, but I can’t get him out. Don’t scare people, no matter what! The mood is too good! . the Advent is here, The procession and I Are paying this visit to all of you. I bring gifts And bless this farm.
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