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but his failure to win a majority in the February election forced him into a run-off. The run-off election was absolutely a factor in the city’s suppression of this tape. I was. I was ready to, you know, ” the city. Let’s file this lawsuit. Let’s release this video.” But then the city called us back and said, “We want to discuss settling it.” And so we had many meetings with. Laquan’s family about what was the best way to proceed. And that was something we agonized about. The family, of course, has lost someone, and they went, “Why can’t this person be charged?” What’s gonna. I want him kicked off the force. “I want him in jail.” And you tell them, “We don’t have the power” to charge somebody and lock somebody up or cost them their job. All we can do is ask the city “to compensate you for your loss.” And so, since we may not get him to go to jail. that settlement became one of the tools that the family had to fight this Goliath. We had to throw the hardest blows that we could throw. . Standby. In five, four, three, ready int? Two. Tonight, NBC Investigates, a Carol Marin exclusive. Laquan McDonald died on October th after being shot times by one Chicago police officer. Just six months later, the family of Laquan McDonald agreed to a $ million settlement with the city prior to any lawsuit being filed. There is a huge flag when the city, without much argument, without much discussion, with very little time, offers $ million. We’ve dealt with any number of city lawsuits that linger forever. So why this and why that fast? That was. That was the reddest of red flags. The City of Chicago denies, according to the settlement agreement, allegations of wrongdoing. The dash cam video has not been released by the city. What happened with the Laquan McDonald settlement is that the family or the lawyers could not release the video evidence to show us, in the general public, what really happened that night. I think Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor, suppressed this video to be re-elected in . Without a doubt. If this tape would’ve came out when he was running for re-election, he would’ve never been elected. Thank you, Chicago!

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