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The wall is down. MAN: ON TV People here have lived with the wall since . And I think now it’s time to break the wall down, you know? REPORTER: The wall is crumbling. The sledgehammers in the hands of men not born when it went up, tear into it. Behind it, the East German soldiers tried to stop the tide. Water cannons were brought out. But the West Berliners were determined. One West Berliner sprayed champagne back. PERCIVAL: You know, if I was to follow you, I mean, properly, you’d never know. REPORTER: It is the moment Berliners have waited years for. Even the East Germans seem exhilarated. A symbolic breach in the structure that cost hundreds of lives, and separated friends, families, and lovers for decades. LORRAINE: I found a French UHF device in my coat after Spyglass died. I now believe it was Percival who planted it. Made it look like Lasalle. BANGING ON DOOR BANGING CONTINUES Why are you here? You need to leave Berlin. SIGHS When I didn’t hear from you, I got worried. How naive can you be? We chose this life, Delphine. This only ends one way. What are you talking about? He set us both up. You have to leave while you can. DOOR OPENS DOOR CLOSES SIGHS LINE RINGING PERCIVAL: ON PHONE Yes? Don’t underestimate me, Percival. Oh, Lasalle, listen to me very carefully. You have no idea who you’re dealing with. You set me up. Come on, love. This is the game. I know your secrets, David, and I can play this game better than you think. FIREWORKS BURSTING UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING SIGHS MUSIC CONTINUES ON EARPHONES SNIFFLING LORRAINE: ON RECORDING Percival’s trying to set me up. LASALLE: ON RECORDING Are you surprised? LORRAINE: Not really. These relationships aren’t real. They’re just a means to an end. LASALLE: When you tell the truth, you look different. Your eyes change. LORRAINE: Thanks for the warning. LASALLE: What do you mean? LORRAINE: I mean, I better not do it again. LASALLE: Why? LORRAINE: ‘Cause it’s going to get me killed one day. LASALLE: There is something that I need to tell you. It has to do with your friend, Percival. He’s LORRAINE: Shh. RECORDING SWITCHES OFF MUSIC CONTINUES PLAYING ON EARPHONES GRUNTS CHOKING BOTH YELLING COUGHING GROANING SCREAMING SCREAMS GROANING SOBS SCREAMS DOORBELL BUZZING GASPING DOORBELL CONTINUES BUZZING PERCIVAL LAUGHS GROANING I’m sorry, darling. GROANING STRAINING CHOKING This is the game. PANTING DOORBELL CONTINUES BUZZING CHOKING GRUNTS KNOCKING ON DOOR GUN COCKS ! REPORTER: ON TV Celebrations continue in the streets tonight. From the moment the first wave of East Germans crossed into Berlin, they have been showered with champagne and cheered by a crowd of thousands. It is clear this will be one of Berlin’s most dramatic days. East Berliners are overcome as they cross the border that has been closed to them for years. West Berliners are chipping away at the wall that scarred their city and scaling it. BREATHING HEAVILY REPORTER: There is no more interference from the police. Unified,

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