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Now, no more lies, Moloch. Who runs Pyramid? FINE [OVER BULLHORN]: Rorschach. This is the police. We know you’re in there. No. No! If there’s anybody in there with you, send them out unharmed. No. No, no, no! Framed. Walked right into it. , , ! Never, never surrender. All right. I hope you’re ready, hero. When you are. One . .two . .three. Come on. MAN: Son of a . -Christ, he stinks. -Get that mask off him. -I got it. -No. No! My face! Give me back my face! The masked vigilante Rorschach was apprehended . .and identified as Walter Kovacs, a -year-old white male. Little ‘ known about Kovacs, but he was charged with the murder . .of Edgar Jacobi, found shot in the head in his home in the Bronx. Police officers were injured and Jacobi’s home was set ablaze . .during the violent course of the capture. MAN : Rorschach! I’m gonna you like I ed your mother! MAN : Come on out, Rorschach! BERNIE: I knew this guy was a kook. But Rorschach . Usually I got an intuition about these kind of things. -Thought the dude would be bigger. -It goes to show you, kid . – .you never know. -Hey, let me get a Gazette. Yeah. Hey, you see this? He was a customer of mine. -Used to come here all the time. -No ? Hey, Bernie. Any good news? [MARINER RETCHES] MARINER: Whoever we are, wherever we reside . .we exist on the whim of murderers. I hardly recognized my old friend Ridley. I could not bring myself to tell him he was a horrible reflection . .of his former self. I really must get him home before . Before he gets any worse. Before he succumbs. I’ve heard that on less than a pint daily, a man might survive drinking saltwater. RIDLEY: Captain? What are you doing, captain? I’m headed for Davidstown. That’s what. I need to warn everyone. [RIDLEY LAUGHS] You think you’ll reach Davidstown in advance of the Black Freighter? Isolation has made you mad, captain. Mad, indeed. But we must try. You are a fool. You alone survived the Freighter’s attack. Fortune has smiled upon you, and you spit in its face. Turn your wretched craft around and go far away, as far away as you can. No. No, my family. I must protect them. The Black Freighter is already there. Your wife, dead. -Your children, dead. -Shut your mouth. You have failed your family, like you have failed your crew. [MEN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] [SCREAMING] [GROWLING] You’ll end up dead like them. You give your life in vain. I give my life in nobility. [LAUGHS] Even if I fail in my attempt, I take solace in the fact that I will see . .my family again in heaven. Heaven? Oh, there is no heaven, captain. Believe me, sir. I would know by now. MAN: Walter Kovacs. Is that your name? Walter? Well, let me explain your situation here, Walter. You cooperate with me . .and I may be able to convince them that you Should be treated medically. In a hospital. I believe that would be good for you. But the authorities wanna put you with the general population. -Prison’s a prison. -Uh-huh. Yes. But the difference is, down there . .you’d be eaten alive. You’re responsible for a lot of them being in prison here, Walter. Tell me what you see. A pretty butterfly. What about now? What do you see here? Mom? Is he hurting you? You got a kid in here. | get that at home. Bastard. I Should have had that abortion. Some nice flowers. BOY : I heard this guy’s mom’s a whore. Did you catch any diseases from her? Huh? Whoreson. Listen to me, retard. BOY : Hey, you think she’d suck my for a dollar? [SCREAMING] Clouds. Tell me about Rorschach. Will you do that, Walter? You keep calling me Walter. I don’t like you. You’re fat. Wealthy. Liberal sensibilities. What you call compassion. Wanting to protect and understand the guilty. This rotting society, what it calls rehabilitation. Nothing Short of compromise. IS it a compromise to want to make you well? There are other men in here with behavior more extreme than mine, doctor. Of course, they’re not famous, are they? You wanna know about Rorschach? I’ll tell you about Rorschach. Once a man has seen society’s black underbelly . .he can never turn his back on it. Never pretend, like you do .

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