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I’m doing okay. I just wanted to check in ’cause I know I’ve been super busy. Yeah. It’s nice to hear your voice. It’s like everything’s just falling apart and getting worse and becoming a disaster again. Mm-hm. My safe is coming. And my surveillance cameras are. I have them installed. I just need to wire them. Good. You do what needs to be done. Yeah. As soon as I started to see. As soon as Charlottesville happened, I was, like, I need security. For the last six months, the alt-right, they’ve been, like, mobilized, and emboldened by the fact that, you know, they have an administration that appears to be favorable to them. Can you explain what we’re doing? For somebody like me, like a trans person, or somebody who’s black or brown in this country, or Jewish in this country. this is an existential threat. You know, today it might not be an existential threat. But five years from now, it’s an absolute existential threat. We can be afraid to say something sometimes. And I’m not as afraid any more as I used to be of saying the thing that needs to be said. What are they gonna do? Throw me in prison? Or kill me? They’re gonna do that anyway. If we let them, you know. If we let them take the reins of our society. You know, like, they’re gonna do that anyway. So I’d rather go down fighting. Here I am. Chelsea! Whoo! I was told not to come here by numerous people. ’em! Yeah. For so long, I wasn’t able to even be seen or be out on the streets. I’ve been in prison for seven years. It was being silenced that made me so afraid and so. You’re a hero! When I first got out, I did not think I was gonna be jumping straight back into activism. I feel embattled. I’ve seen what an occupied country is. And I’ve seen what local suppression looks like. And I’m seeing all of this right here in a place that I want to call home. Good? Good? Yes. Good? Good? Consensus. Consensus. Tweet. We need to stop expecting that our systems will somehow fix themselves. We need to actually take the reins of power from them. We need to fix this. USA! USA! Damn right we got this. Whistle-blower Chelsea Manning surprised the political world this week by announcing

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