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Small world. I like that. But you know, it is a small world in here. And I’ve been in it for, how long now, Lloyd? LLOYD: Almost years, Mr. Figure. That’s right. Fifteen years since you and that Owl fella put me away. So . .Rorschach, that guy you burned is dying. Could go any minute You know, by my count, there are more than people in here that you put away. I been talking to every one of them and they’re all dying to get a piece of you. This place is gonna explode! Then, you die by inches. Tall order. I’m gonna tear this guy a new hole. Relax, Lawrence. Soon. Come on. [GASPS] [CRASHING] MARINER: Know this, my friends. Hades is wet. Hades is lonely. And in that instant, we knew each other. [GRUNTING] I’m sorry, my friend. My raft had grown increasing grotesque . .reflecting my own transformation. [THUNDER CRASHING] Adrift, my darkest imaginings welled up unchecked . .spilling from brain to heart like black ink . .impossible to remove. The vessel had surely reached Davidstown already. I pictured quiet streets overrun by the fiends from the Black Freighter. My wife, my children, most certainly dead. My crew, dead. The beast I ride on, dead. VOICES [CHANTING]: More blood, more blood, more blood. GIRL: Father? It can’t be. Oh, Lord, it can’t be. Father, help us Please. MARINER: Wait. I’m coming. Hurry, my dear. Wait. Anyone but them. Anyone. Anyone. I’d swallowed too much seawater. I’d swallowed too much horror. God has damned me. God has damned us all. Truly, life is hell, and death ‘ rough hand our only deliverance. I can endure no more. I want to join my family desperately. MAN: Yo, man. What you reading? Nothing, man. -Nothing, huh? -Hey, hey! You leave that kid alone! Shut up, old man! [LAUGHS] You’re reading a comic book? What are you, retarded? [MEN LAUGHING] Aw, hey, where you going, short bus? Dan? Is everything all right? I’m tired of being afraid. Afraid of war . .afraid of the mask killer . .and afraid of this goddamn suit . .and how much I need it. Me too. SO to hell with it. Let’s take Archie out. You’re serious. | used to be a masked avenger too, remember? I’m used to going out at in the morning and doing something . [HUMMING] MAN [OVER RADIO]: Rapid burner. Be advised, all units. Tenement fire at th and Grand. Rapid burner. Let’s go. LAURIE: I can see it. DAN: All right, hold on. LAURIE: Dan, there are kids in there. Everyone, stay where you are and remain calm. We’re gonna get you out of there. The roof’s starting to cave. Get me in there. DAN: I’m gonna get you close Let’s go. Come on. All right, let’s move it, people. Mom, is that guy in the space rocket .? Is that Jesus? No, baby. DAN: Watch your step. LAURIE: All right. We’re all set. Is that everyone? MAN: Bye. GIRL: Bye! LAURIE: I can’t believe we did that. -They’|l lock us up with Rorschach. -Who cares? World War III could start tomorrow. Right? Right. [EKG FLATLINING] [ALARM WAILING] [MEN YELLING INDISTINCTLY] [SCREAMS] [THUDS] [SCREAMING] MAN: Come back here! He’s dead, Rorschach. While everyone’s distracted, we thought we’d bring you a housewarming gift. Something from the machine shop. Hey, boss, you notice? None of that “small world, tall order” crap. He knows once we slice open his lock, he’s next on the block. Fat chance. You’re dead, Rorschach! We got a prison full of killers out here. What do you got? [SCREAMING] Your hands, my pleasure. [CRACKING] LLOYD: Can’t reach the lock. Should I cut the bars? This riot won’t last. I been waiting years for this. I’m sorry, Lawrence, but you’re in the way of my revenge. Nothing personal, big guy. [SAW BUZZING] Boss! Wait! Now you find out what the score is. One-nothing. Come and get me. Come on. DAN : So I’ve been thinking. | feel that we have an obligation to our fraternity. -I think we ought to spring Rorschach. LAURIE: What? DAN: Someone set him up. And this whole cancer thing with Jon, it just doesn’t make sense. You didn’t get it. Yeah, but breaking into a maximum-security prison . – .is a little different than putting out a fire -Yeah, you’re right. It’ll be more fun. Hurry, Lloyd.

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