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Dirk, come quick! I’m Turk. He’s Dirk. Dirk, Turk. Emergency! What’s he saying? I think he’s choking. Relax. We’re lifeguards. Come on, take it easy. Gentlemen, the doctors here. Me first, Doe. I own the club. What happened? Ouch! My arm hurts! Will you move out of the way? Can I ride in the ambulance with you, Colonel? No. Well, then, can I at least be the first to sign your cast? Shut up, Hawk. Don’t worry. Everything’s under control. I got the lifeguards. What about the game, Charlie? We’re out , apiece. Alley-cop! Stay back, everyone. Sid will be OK. It’s just a little sunstroke. Clear out of the way! Excuse us, Mr. Brody, excuse us. We’re giving him medical assistance immediately. I have to get to the hospital. Well, you picked a hell of a way… to win a purple heart. Sorry, boys. Good luck, boys. Take it easy. How do you break an arm playing gin? It’s a bad break, fellas. It’s a tough way to end it. The summer’s not over yet, Phil. But it’s getting there. Yeah, I can feel it in my bones. You know, the truth is that… Hal was having kind of a bad day today. You fellows are lucky. See, this way, kind of cuts your losses. Forget it, Phil. Mario! Mario! The bottom line is, you got to come up with a third… or I’m going to go home. See, I just put a $, air conditioning unit… in my house. I’d like to try it out. Oh, incidentally, you paid for it. I’ll be the third. You what? I’ll play you. What’s the matter with you? You got sunstroke. Too? Nope. Jeffrey, what are you saying? Mr. Cooper, I want to play on your team. The kid’s good. I’ve seen him play. Come on, he’s playing with our money. What choice do we have? Are you serious? Yeah, we’re serious. What’s the matter, Phil? You afraid of the kid? Well, why not? Be kind of like a baptism into the game. This could be a very interesting afternoon, Jeffrey. In? Come on, kid. Let’s go. We got him. What are we gonna do about a cabana boy? Hey, can we get a cabana boy over here? I predict this will be a short afternoon. Don’t let him scare you, Jeffrey. It’s all over! That’s it for the Yankees. And they’ll have to settle for a split this afternoon. I’m going home to change for the dance. Yeah, fine. That’s good. That’s nice. Yeah. Are you coming, or shall I bring your clothes back here? Yeah. Whatever. I may not go to the dance, Phyllis. Phil, isn’t that our cabana boy? It’s Jeffrey. Yeah. You’re playing our cabana boy? Phyllis. He can’t come to the dance… because he’s playing our cabana boy. I’m going out of my mind! I’m telling you the truth. Yeah, you’ll see in a minute, Alfred. Manheim! Jeffrey’s playing in the big gin game. Danny! Danny, come here! Jeffrey’s playing in the big gin game. You see? What did I tell you, you jerk? How’s he doing? Relax, kid. You’re not playing with your own money. I’m going to take that… and I’m going to knock with . Hawk, I think you’re bad luck. Lay them down, kid. Read them and weep. Oh, yeah. There’s the old king you were looking for. Let’s see. My queen on your jack. My jack on your . My on your ‘s. I underknock you with , Mr. Brody. Kid underknocked! Way to go, kid! That gives me points for the underknock… plus is points. He’s hot. I taught him everything he knows. Back off. Back off. Your deal, sir. I do believe you play loser deals. Good play, Jeffrey. You want something to drink, Jeffrey? Oh, no thank you, Mr. Brody. Phil, Jeffrey. Phil. Gin, Phil. All right! Oh, hands in a row. He’s on a roll. knock. This is ridiculous. It’s freezing out here. Let’s go inside. It looks like it’s gonna rain anyway. All right with you, cabana boy? Fine with me. Quit whining, Mario. I’m not whining. I’m winning. You guys still predicting a short afternoon? It’s fiesta time as we bring to a close… another summer of fun under the sun… as you dance to the Latin tempos… of Aaron Rosenthal and his orchestra. So where’s my blind date? She’ll be here. They’re coming in all the way from the Bronx. Hey, Steve! Hey, Joyce. So, what, are you fixing me up with a bimbo? No. They’re young girls. Bimbettes. That’s gin. Hey, what happened? Who’s winning?

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