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So now I spell stock boy. Jeffrey, somebody threw up in the cabana C bathroom. Clean it up. Attention club members. There are still a few tickets left for the Labor Day dance. You can purchase them from the snack bar. So, are you going to take a pretty girl… to the Labor Day dance? Nope. Yeah, I guess no one would want to dance… with a stock boy, anyway. Ouch. Come on… do you really have to leave tomorrow? Yes. But we have all night together. You see that ship over there? Yeah. I’ve sat here nights… and watched the ship go back and forth. It’s not the same ship you’ve been seeing every night. It’s different ships doing the same thing… boxing the compass. Boxing the compass? Yeah. Ok. You see those lights out there? Yeah. Ok, the one over here, Ambrose light, New Jersey. The brighter one to the right, Scotland light, New York. Outgoing ships sail back and forth… in between those two lights. Then they set their compasses. And when they’re all set, they sail off to sea. Europe, Africa, China. How do you know all this, Jeffrey? Oh, it’s my father. He’s a nautical buff. You know… he never actually went anywhere… but he dreams about that stuff, you know? There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. No. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. Hey, you know what I would do if I could change the map? No, what? I’d take the Statue of Liberty… and I’d, I don’t know, I’d put it up in the Bronx. Right? I’d get rid of that right away. And I’d take Los Angeles… not all of Los Angeles, but a little part… where you live… and I’d put it where the statue used to be. Right? So this way, we’d be… We could be close to each other. Wouldn’t that be nice? You know, Thanksgiving’s only a few months away. Maybe you can come to California and visit me. I’d like that. That would be very nice. Hey, why not? The Dodgers did it, right? I won’t forget this summer, Jeffrey. I’m going to miss you. I’ll miss you, too. Hi! How are you, Jeffrey? Hey, Nikki. What are you doing here? Are you alone? You didn’t bring them, did you? Yeah, I took a swing out by myself. Great. Mom sent some socks and underwear. Oh, good. She figured you’d be running out by now. Yeah, I was. Well, guess what. We’re all going out to dinner tonight. Oh, yeah? Who’s going? Mom, Dad, me, Uncle Jack. Guess where we’re going. Dad’s favorite restaurant. Don’t tell me. Larry’s Fishouse, right? “Whatever fish you wish.” Jeffrey, will you give me a hand? Listen, looks like you’re pretty busy… so I’m gonna go, OK? And… bye. Ok. All right. Bye. Attention, staff. It’s Labor Day. Go get ’em. Hello, Mr. Sweet Ginger Brown. We’ll murder you. Hot enough for you today, Mrs. Unger? It must be ! Hey, any of you guys want to make a bet… on the Mets game today? Come on. How about you, Phil? Five bucks? The Mets couldn’t even beat the Mets. What’s this? What is this? Jeffrey, what… Jeffrey, what is this? Jesus Christ! This place is turning into a kindergarten. Come on, let’s play cards. Will you stop with the hula hoop? Go tell your mother I’m busy. Hawk, let’s go. Are you watching? You’re not even watching. I’m watching. It’s hot. Look. Colonel Easton needs a to win. Or a to win. And Brody has both. And he’s about to throw the and finally lose a game. He’s gonna throw the now. Look… There he goes. He’s breaking up a meld. He’s throwing a ! He broke up a meld. The guy is a genius! He’s psychotic. Psychic. Yeah. Psychic. That’s what I meant. Psychic. Charlie, would you stop coughing? You should quit smoking. I don’t smoke. You should start. Boy, it’s hot. Come on, Paddy, what do you want to drink? Scotch? No, nothing for me. Thanks. I’ve been on the wagon for two weeks. We’re points ahead. It’ll take another weeks to digest… all those margaritas you drank the night you quit. Sid! My arm! Oh, my God! He crushed the colonel. Give him air, everybody. That’s what they always say. Don’t pull him! Leave him alone, for Christ’s sake. Let a doctor look at him. Where’s Dr. Gold? Underwater. Dr. Gold! Dr. Gold! Excuse me. Excuse me, Dr. Gold. What? There’s an accident. Big Sid passed out.

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