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was all the excuse he needed to leave Earth. DAN: Your bull assassin. You paid him to throw us off. ADRIAN: Mr. Chess gave his life in the service of a higher cause, Dan. l put a cyanide capsule in his mouth . .leaving only one loose end: You, and your mask-killer theory . .one you followed with the tenacity of a true sociopath. I tipped off the police. Once you were in prison, I was able to move forward. RORSCHACH: Sorry to disappoint you. DAN: We were supposed to make the world a better place. ADRIAN: Dan, that’s exactly what I am doing. DAN: Nuclear war? Human extinction? ADRIAN: Of course, my moral safeguards gave me pause at the necessary sacrifice. A few key regions around the globe– New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Hong Kong. –disintegrated in an instant. Fifteen million people killed . .by Dr. Manhattan himself. The world’s punishment for flirting with World War III. Jon wouldn’t do that. A fact no one outside this room ever has to know. The energy breakthrough l was working on just came to fruition. All these years, Jon was helping me replicate his power . .unaware of how I planned to use it. You see . .the Comedian was right. Humanity’s savage nature will inevitably lead to global annihilation. So in order to save this planet . .I had to trick it . .with the greatest practical joke in human history. -Killing millions. -To save billions. A necessary crime. RORSCHACH: You know we can’t let you do that. “DO that,” Rorschach? I’m not a comic-book villain. Do you think I’d explain my masterstroke to you . .if there were even the slightest possibility you could affect the outcome? I triggered it minutes ago. MARINER: Eventually, I came to a dismal black ocean stretching endlessly before me. How had I reached this appalling position with love . .only love, as my guide? The money/ender floated at my feet. Nob/e intentions had led me to atrocity. The righteous anger fueling my ingenious, awful scheme was but delusion. Where was my error? Planning to resume my flight, I raised my head and saw her. The vessel seemed to be waiting, not hovering to strike. And, gradually, I understood what innocent intent had brought me to . .and waded out beyond my depth. The unspeakable truth loomed unavoidably before me . .as I swam towards the anchored Freighter. Its dark and lurching mast filled all my vision. All my well-meaning plans had come to this. The world I tried to save was lost beyond recall. A rope snaked down. Sputtering, I grabbed it. And from the decks above, a cheer went up . .both gross and black, its stench affronting heaven. There had been no plan to capture Davidstown. They’d come to wait until they could collect the only prize they valued. Claim the only soul they truly wanted. [PIRATES SNARLING] l was a horror. Amongst horrors must I dwell. -Man, this don’t make no sense. -You’re telling me Sorry, but you can keep this garbage. Wasting all my damn time. Hey, hey. You know, all this time you’ve been coming here . .I never caught your name. -Bernard. -Bernard? You’re kidding. That’s– Heh. That’s my name too. Not that big a deal. There’s lots of people called Bernard. [THUNDER RUMBLING] Jesus Christ, Henry. Why the hell didn’t we get a launch detection? It’s not the Soviets, sir. Intel indicates the energy signature . .was generated by . .Dr. Manhattan. Jon. Interference. Cataclysmic interference. LAURIE: I can’t believe it happened. This wasn’t caused by nuclear warheads. It was me .did this. -What do you mean, you did this? -Not directly. It was made to look like I did it. Adrian. Speak of the devil. DAN: Jon– JON: I know. RORSCHACH: Must stop him. Killed Blake, killed millions. Wait here. Adrian, stop this. The tachyons were Clever . .but even if I can’t predict where you are, I can turn the walls to glass. I should thank you. I’d almost forgotten the excitement of not knowing . .the delights of uncertainty. Forgive me, girl. [GUN COCKS] You’re such an asshole. [GASPS] DAN: Veidt, you bastard. -If you’ve hurt her, I’ll– -Dan . .grow up. My new world demands less obvious heroism. Your . .schoolboy heroics are redundant.

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