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Voice of Sindh
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Bah-gawk, bah-gawk! He said the magic word. Tell my brother he was scared to do something and he’d show you otherwise. Scared of what, that awesome jump shot you got goin’ on? Huh. Anthony. And you? His name is John. He’s my little brother. That make sense. John with the John Starks jersey. You see the game the other night? Starks scored , even the series off. That’s Brian and that’s Dom. Sal! Look here, boys. -That’s Sal, he doesn’t stop talking ever. -No. You boys ready for me? I got more hang time than the chandelier. Swish. What does that even mean? And what’s with the knee braces? It’s so hot right now, I mean look at them. Never mind. Sal, this is Anthony and John. Billy, take first pick. You know you want me, Bill, I’m the best player here. Come on. I’ll take John. Until then, only my brother had thought of me first. I’ll take Sal. Oh, yeah. Woo. -Anthony. -Let’s go. Let’s go. -Great choice, Brian. -All right. I would take, uh . Should we wait and see if anybody else shows up? Brian, you’re such an ass. If I dunk, do we get five points? You’re not gonna dunk. OK, dunks with five. Yeah! The bank’s open today. The bank is open today. God, he really never shuts up, does he? No! -Yeah. -Nothing to say on that one, Sal? Woo! Shoot. Worse than me, short stack. Hey, don’t call him that. Hey, hold on, time out. John, come here. Push me. Come on. Ugh. Now do it again, but this time, pretend your elbows are glued to your sides, keep them in. Whoa. Yeah. See how much stronger you can push that way? Give me the rock. Now . Push the ball through like you just pushed me, elbows in. It was as if Billy had unleashed some super-human power and strength within my hands. -Yeah. Wow. -See, Anthony, I did that! -He speaks. -Hey, Bill, how come you never taught me that? Well, Dom, you see, John’s got potential, you, my friend, don’t. Hey, stop. Stop. You’re an asshole, Bill. Well, if Billy’s an asshole, you’re definitely an asshole. We’re all assholes. Are we gonna play or what? I’m not an asshole. Yes, you are. -Yeah. Yeah. -No way.

Phone: 00447519149847

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