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In a while, you will see. how eyes cast a spell You will never know what hit you. in romantic talks and meetings. and in this romantic night You won’t believe, I’m here to set water on fire My Narcissus eyes. my fair cheeks. my silken tresses. O crazy ones hold your hearts. I’m here to steal hearts What brings you here? I’ve good news for you. Really? What’s the news? I’ll tell you. Let’s relax first. Hello, Chow Min? Marconi here! Army post has sent information. Pay the balance and take away the information. One more big news. The government there has made an atomic device. whose rays can blast in a second within a range of miles. planes, ships or submarines. Does your government need it? The price will be half-a-million dollars. per cent advance. Delivery within weeks. Tell me if you need it. Hurry up. Fast. Else I will give it away to some other government. Who is it? O Sethi! Marconi, my dear! How’re you? I’m very happy. You came after many days. I’ll live here for some days. Happy with my work, boss asked me to go on a holiday for a few days. Your boss is great. I was just decoding his message. The new dancer of your boss is very beautiful. She’s Ramesh’s fiancee. I see. Let’s have some drink. You came after so many days. We will celebrate. Yes, I got the film. I’ve decoded it. I spoke to Chow Min too. Yes, Sethi is here. Do you want to speak to him? There’s a disturbance in the line. I’ll speak from another telephone. Sethi, excuse me. Ramesh, what did you just say? Sethi has to be murdered? Yes. He’s a traitor. The boss has ordered. Don’t worry. I will take him out rightaway and eliminate him. Finished your talks, Marconi? Yes. I’ve to go to Hotel Delta for business. I’ve to talk business with Mr. Abdul there. Ramesh said so? Yes. Why don’t you come along? Come on. Let’s go. Rascal! You wanted to go for business? You wanted to kill me? ! Somebody who can kill me is yet to be born. I will make your boss dance to my tunes now. What did you say? Sethi took away the code book and the tape? If the code book remains with Sethi, he will ruin us. Inform all your agents.
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