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I got started on something, forgot to look at the clock. Oh, yes Jekyll. Heath was telling me that you’re still carrying on with that research work of yours. The great Dr. Heath isn’t in sympathy Dr. Courtland. That’s understandable, isn’t it? After all, separating the facets of the brain. Rather ambitious, I should call. Harry’s research hopes go deeper than the brain sir. Into something more intangible than the mind is. Then all that seems to be left is the soul. All right then, call it the soul. The soul? Soul? Come, come my dear doctor, now you’re invading my territory. Oh, I suppose I am, but I know that you for one… wouldn’t object if science could be of some assistance to the church. The church is always grateful for any help doctor. Of course, Harry doesn’t mean a word of this gentleman, I’m afraid he’s pulling our leg. I should hope so, I was wondering what Jekyll would do if I asked him to elaborate. I don’t mind elaborating. Most of were in church this morning, if you didn’t see that poor chap… you heard him, I’m sure. Thank you for your assistance, Herr doctor. Hopelessly insane, obviously. I don’t think he was insane. I think there was only one side of him in existence and that side was expressing itself. Good heavens, which side? His evil side. The man had been spiritually distorted through shock. That explosion in the gas main last month. Before that, he was a fine, solid citizen… gentle and kind with his children, deeply in love with his wife. Since then he’d undergone a complete change. Until this afternoon I found him completely reverted to the animal. But look here harry, we can clearly understand the shock to the nervous system but… what that got to do with the soul? Well, I think the man had been shock from normal good into complete evil. Now, when I say he was a good man I don’t mean he hadn’t had a bad thought now and then. Or that he hadn’t committed ordinary transgressions against society. But after all, that’s the problem of civilized man’s soul, isn’t it? That good and evil in it are constantly fighting one another? There’s a higher source from which good can find aid in its fight doctor. I realize that sir but… Of course, the colonel and I have always felt that a person can be good if they wish to be. And well, otherwise if they don’t. Look at Jekyll, I simply must get this straight. Well, let me put it this way… good and evil are so close as to be chained together in the soul. Now, suppose we could break that chain, separate those two selves. Free the good in man and let it go on to its higher destiny and segregate the bad. But aren’t you a bit presumptuous in assuming that there’s evil in all men? Oh, but isn’t that true? Wouldn’t we be hypocrites if we didn’t admit that? After all, we’ve all had thoughts that we didn’t want published or shouted out loud… and we certainly have had desires that are not confined to a drawing room. Why, as Christians we admit that man is created weak. That’s a perfectly honest problem, why don’t we face it? Suppose we believe that man’s soul has not yet reached its fulfillment. Is it wise, is it right to tamper with the problem… until the Creator himself has solved it in his own mysterious way? Sir I… Really, is it very disturbing. Such theories come dangerously close to… Well, I hesitate to think what the medical council would be force to say… Dr. Courtland… advanced theories are always a sore point with the medical council. Or even with the queen’s physician. Specially, if there’s a comfortable profit in those already established. Jekyll? If you ask my opinion young man, this is pure balderdash. Ladies. I meant to ask… You think anyone read that poem by this new chap Oscar Wilde? Getting old I suppose. Well, it’s the time, I think is pretty late, we ought to… No, no, no. Come in and have a nightcap John. I think the rest of the company won’t be bore with each other. Well, thank you sir. Look. It’s the waltz that he and Mama first danced together. May I have this dance, Miss Beatrix? Pleasure Dr. Jekyll. Bea, darling. Harry. I love you so very much Bea. Oh Harry.

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