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It’s not that natural. We agreed to meet here so we would go to watch the burial. Yes, the burial. The burial of Ricardo’s remains, who was the first husband of the sad Vanda, at the fabulous tomb she had built. And you think it’s normal that a woman with a second husband stand in his presence with a reverence for the bones of the first. Does that surprise you? Of course it does not surprise me. She even wanted to return here to the same house. What is surprising is that we, who are not stupid, play the stupid game of Vanda. Isn’t a strange fact that we are here? Vanda has asked us to come, we are her friends, maybe her only friends. Strictly she has not asked us, she warned us about the ceremony If you accept her friendship, you should not judge. You imply Nothing, and I agree the motives are mixed. But let’s not discuss the reasons. We came, we came. It looks like you just said that Vanda is stupid. Don’t you think that Vanda is at least stupid enough to care? In many cases she doesn’t behave consistently, she’s extravagant, but It’s a nice extravagance. Only extravagance, and nice above all? I like the trend that Vanda has to love what is distant and unattainable. You like it? Because I don’t. I don’t like this trend that Vanda has to love the unattainable, whose inverse is contempt for the reachable. In this regard, we agree. Vanda snubbed the reachable. While Ricardo was alive, Vanda didn’t get on with him. A year after his death, she married Firmino. One might even say that there was intention of offending Ricardo’s memory. True, there was compensation. And a year later, she fell in love with the former husband. An unhealthy passion for the deceased husband, the same that bothered her in life, and, at the same time, what an anger for the poor Firmino. What an anger for Firmino. And Firmino! To me, it’s another mystery. He must love her insistently. It’s the only way to endure. He endures is, but sometimes he provokes her. And what can we say about those photos in the decoration? Those of Ricardo? Yes. The Photographs of Ricardo.

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