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what I should be doing with my life, where I need to be going. One of the main thoughts that stuck into my mind is I need to basically leave home. So at the beginning of this week I made that decision to leave home with the support of my family. And, yeah. I want this to work in the sense that.. I need the opportunity to learn for myself, and basically become who I need to be. SINGING Maria Gratia plena Maria Gratia plena Ave Ave Dominus Dominus Tecum Ta Da! JUNEEN: And looking back on the last months and the journey that I’ve travelled, I decided to talk about it on camera so that there may be somebody that’s watching that’s given up and it might help. Like, they’ll be able to say that, hey, things can happen, things can turn around and life isn’t as bad as what you’d think it would be. MUSIC JAKE: There’s a lot that happens behind the make-up. Life goes on and you can do anything. You live a normal life. I want to put out there that it’s OK. It’s OK to be who you are and it’s OK to have whatever disease or whatever is wrong with you, that you’re still going to be beautiful. DAVID: Here at Spookers you’re allowed to be a freak. I think people portray the word freak in a more negative than a positive way. I think a freak is a good thing someone that stands out, that’s different, expresses themselves and isn’t ashamed to say or do whatever they please. Yeah, that’s what a freak is. DEBORAH: I think of mental health issues, in a way, now less as a health issue and much more as a social issue. Whether it’s with someone who is or or someone who’s, you know, , right through to . You know, what I see is real loneliness and feeling that they’re not worthy of having relationships or having friendships. And that’s sad. That’s sad that there’s so much loneliness because if there’s so many lonely people they just have to meet each other. People, they gather, they pack. I mean, we used to do it here. I suppose that’s when I sort of started to get more appreciation of that idea of being in a tribe. There was always someone who was wise or someone who was kind or someone you could have a laugh with, there was someone who could fulfil all your needs and it didn’t have to be one person. What I have to tell you, sir, is not for the CIA to hear. Lorraine, you are the subject of this debriefing. Not its controller. I understand that. KURZFELD: I was there, in Berlin. And I’m here with the full executive authority of Langley. Would it make you more comfortable? I could stand behind the mirror with everybody else. But it’s a little crowded back there. Cocksucker. What did you say? I didn’t say anything. I’m sorry. Did you say something, Lorraine? Did you hear me say something? I thought you said something. What did she say? LORRAINE: What? KURZFELD SIGHS Well Do you want to play the tape back? Well, then. Shall we begin? Berlin. What happened? Yeah. SCOFFS Berlin. EXHALING . GRAY: Ah Lorraine. Sorry to bring you in on such short notice. You know C. LORRAINE: Yes. GRAY: We were just going over your file.

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