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I see your Russian is excellent. An expert in escape and evasion. Proficient in intelligence collection and hand-to-hand combat. It’s an impressive set of skills. And knowing the Reds as I do, she’ll need to use every damn one of them. I’ll get straight to the point. How well do you know James Gasciogne? Enough to say hello. We worked together in Istanbul in ‘. He’s dead. Gasciogne was killed last night on a mission in Berlin. GRAY: The West German Police fished his body out of the Spree this morning. And a coroner extracted a . Tokarev round from the base of his skull. Soviets. Yesterday, Gasciogne met with a Stasi officer, code-named Spyglass. We promised Spyglass immunity in exchange for a document on microfilm, code-named The List. Hidden in a Swiss watch, no less. The List contains every active clandestine officer, all their shady deals. It’s an atomic bomb of information that could extend the Cold War for another years. And we believe the man that killed Gasciogne now has it. Our sources point to Yuri Bakhtin, a KGB hatchet man with more than a dozen confirmed kills. LORRAINE: So you want me in Moscow? No. Bakhtin never got on the flight. So he’s still in Berlin along with The List. Everyone’s hunting for it. The Yanks, the Frogs, Soviets of course. GRAY: And our man, Percival. Who’s Percival? David Percival. He’s our number one in Berlin. He’s your point of contact there. SPEAKING GERMAN IN ENGLISH Straight from the tit of the Virgin Mary. MUSIC PLAYING The Jordache wasn’t easy. It’s for my wife’s birthday. That’s really nice. Now, where’s that list? I gave the microfilm to Gasciogne last night. James didn’t show up. I did my part. I gave him the list. You have to get me and my family across. It’s not safe for us anymore here. The Russians are onto me. No list, no deal. I risked everything. No list, no deal. You listen to me, Spyglass. Without that list, why shouldn’t I take you outside and shoot you in the head? You are going to kill a Stasi officer? One that’s about to defect to the West? Yeah. GRAY: Without an embassy to look after him, Percival has gone somewhat native. C: Gone feral. Berlin is the Wild West. And if that bloody wall comes crashing down, we don’t want to be under it. If the Russians get that list, we’re all buggered sideways. You’re Elizabeth Lloyd, a Cambridge-educated lawyer sent by James Gasciogne’s family to retrieve the body and effects of their recently deceased son. Your mission is to connect with Percival and do whatever it takes to get that list home. C: And remember, Lorraine, this is highly sensitive. Trust no one. INDISTINCT CHATTERING SIREN WAILING PERCIVAL: Follow me! Come, come, come! Quickly! This way! Tell me you made a copy. I memorized it. Memorized it? Every single agent on that list? Every Wednesday, you visit the Penny Lane brothel. Your favorite girl is Margot. Her real name is Maria. Maria? EXHALES SHARPLY All right, I’ll get you across. You’re a good man, Percival. off. I just want the list. Once I Oh, ! I’ll be in touch. Uh SPEAKING GERMAN Ooh!

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