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And the officers are responding to somebody with a knife in a. a crazed condition, you obviously aren’t going to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him. He is a very serious threat to the officers and he leaves them no choice at that point but to defend themselves. No, no. Just the. Just the offender. Thank you for your time. Appreciate it. You’re welcome, buddy. I always wanted to be the police. As a young kid, I wanted to be part of that thin blue line that separates normal life from chaos. I still feel I’m part of the Chicago Police Department. Even though I’m retired, that loyalty that I have for the police department I-is. is. is very, very strong. I’ll take it to my grave with me. I was the spokesperson for the Fraternal Order of Police, for FOP. I’ve covered well over police-involved shootings. Pat, I understand we had a police shooting here tonight. Can you tell me what happened? Officers responded to a call of a suspicious person. The individual raised his gun, putting the officer into fear of his life. The offender raised a gun, putting both officers in fear of their life. In defense of his partner’s life and his life, the police had to shoot the offenders. I’m not even gonna get into that. You don’t have any comment on that at all? A police department has to be first in the media. It is incumbent that they are the ones that are putting out the information. Breaking news from Chicago’s Southwest side. A -year-old boy is shot and killed by police. Chicago police say they had no choice but to shoot a -year-old boy who threatened them with a knife. The teen suffered a gunshot wound to the chest. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition and that is where he died. Fraternal Order of Police spokesman Pat Camden says he lunged at one of them with the knife, and as soon as that happened, they shot him. Police say this was a clear-cut case of self-defense. I think it’s a level of people being desensitized from the violence. That’s what we’ve been seeing for so many years. Like, why protest? Nothing’s gonna change. Why go after this? Nothing’s gonna change. The morning after, from my understanding,

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