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Clyde 1
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Online Radio Clyde 1, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

And you still don’t know how. You don’t think it could be. No! That would be huge! Who else? Who else what? White Ghost. One of Belgium’s top white hats. He’s the one who found out that the NSA was spying on BelTel. Where do we find him? That’s the problem. Whoa. We’re gonna have to cut down that list. Let’s start by selecting everyone who works in IT. Dad! Can’t you work it out amongst yourselves? It’s him, he was looking for trouble! No, you were! Stop! Dad, he’s hitting me! What’s wrong with you? You never punish the right people! Sit down and stay still! Robin, sit down. It’s not fair. And pipe down. If mom were here she would’ve been on my side. Mom’s gone! I’m in charge now! Sorry, I didn’t mean that. You’re mean. I miss her too, you know. We have to support each other. Can I have a hug? Yeah. Come. All good? Here are all the potential White Ghosts. What should we do now? How long has he been around? Just over years. OK. Get rid of anyone under . More like . I started when I was . Ten years ago, locals living in a town near Bastogne realized that lung cancer in the region was % above the average. Even worse amongst children. There was a cl action against Louis de Nantier and his ociate Jean-François Pereman. They were dismissed by the judge on the grounds of insufficient evidence and the site was deemed to pose no public health risk. I made a donation of several million euros! Which went to the region, not to the victims! CURRENT VIEWS It must be a man. What’s with the dumb sexism? There weren’t many female hackers back then. Oh, yeah? Ada Lovelace, Grace Murray Hopper. Radia Perlman. All women! This isn’t helping. The geolocation! If you don’t want to be found, you remove anything that can trace you. Not bad. Won’t voting condone the behavior of these criminals? It certainly will. However, I would urge people to vote not guilty so that Mr. de Nantier be released back to his family as soon as possible. Does that mean there will be a trial? It’s not for his abductors to decide. There are more pressing matters. That leaves us with Thierry Vermiest, Olivier Dulac and Elsa Ringer.
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