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Directly Genesis Radio listen, Live broadcast alternatives Stream 1 y Stream 2 try our options.
Genesis Radio
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Genesis Radio online

Online Radio Genesis Radio, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

We’re listening. When Chloé came to work for us, she found out about the Indian lab. I begged her to keep quiet. Was she going to expose it? She was asking for trouble! I had to protect her. You silenced her. I never touched that money! You can check. So, what did you do, Mr. Miller? You don’t get it. Not really, no. Chloé wanted to take down the lab. For that and for the illegal testing they were doing on children. I was willing to help her. But we needed proof so we were gathering it. The lab must have found out. You want us to buy that the Indian lab killed Chloé? You don’t know what’s at stake for them. Supposing that Mariamman Pharma is involved. Who told them that Chloé had found out? Apart from you? It wasn’t me! I’m next on the list. Me or Léon. Léon Neeffs. How’s he involved? He was the middle-man between us and the lab. He negotiated the initial contracts. There’s no proof of this. Léon Neeffs didn’t send Chloé a booby-trapped e-card. He also didn’t know about the meeting. It was you, Mr. Miller. The murder weapon was at your house. Do what you have to do. My daughter’s dead. Ballistics confirmed it: the Luger found at Paul Miller’s is the one that killed Chloé. Case closed. He killed his own daughter? There’s something I don’t get: why did Paul Miller say that Léon Neeffs is involved? To minimize his own involvement. And he kept the weapon? Would he be IT-savvy enough to trick a hacker like Chloé? They dissected everything at Doctors for All. The records, the accounts. We didn’t find anything. I say Chloé’s father is guilty. There’s coded text in the e-card which shouldn’t be there. Meaning? Meaning Paul Miller didn’t send his daughter the e-card. . But it was sent from his office. He wasn’t in his office at the time. The GPS data gives his location. OK. % sure. Max Neeffs. No! It could be him. He’s an IT engineer. He knows Paul Miller very well. He’d know where to find the weapon. Why would Max want to kill Chloé? To protect his father and avoid a scandal. If Max was spying on Chloé, he knew where to wait to kill her. It’s not Max. Max? Nothing to report! Billie?

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