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You nicknamed him “the Krampus killer”, and wrote the articles. Yes, but I don’t see myself as a specialist. I’m just a man who wants to know the truth. But now you have information, that there’s another person missing in this case, right? Recently, someone went missing, a member of a local sect, “The Six Brothers”. However, it’s not been confirmed that this is another victim of the Krampus killer. Did he write back yet? Tomorrow, at sunrise. He sent us the coordinates. Just like that. Claas, if we get busted, you knew nothing. ! Contact person is on the tribune. Target in position. Communication set up. Teams ready. Team two ready. Team five ready. Team four ready. L, coming from the north. I repeat, L, coming from the north. White Volkswagen Golf, license plate number . BGL, space, Paula, Zeppelin, , . We’re checking the owner. Distance to contact: less than meters. He’s opening the trunk. Can you see? He’s got something. Code red, repeat, code red. Ready to shoot. Standing by. . It’s just a fisherman. I repeat, just a fisherman. Return to stand by. Besides the cleaning lady, last night someone went in at : p.m. and another at midnight. But only one person left at : a.m. They had a date? Seems like it. OK, thanks. OK. Was it premeditated? Blood? The victim’s blood? No, it’s too old. Can she tell how long it’s been there? At the lab. OK. There’s blood all over. Obviously other people have been here. If interested, the apartment can be rented on PainBnB. It’s like Airbnb, but for S&M enthusiasts. No way. “Dungeon equipped with chains, pulleys, mirrors, Saint Andrew’s cross. Can be rented by the hour or by the day. Cleaning included.” Ouch, that would hurt. Apparently % of Belgians have already practiced S&M at least once. Really? You enter an altered state of consciousness, like meditation. Seems it’s relaxing. I’d still rather sit on a cushion. What’s your guilty pleasure? The owner’s contact info? Here. Jérémy Desmet apparently owns five apartments like this. OK, thanks. Billie. Here’s my punishment. Bring that back up. Who do think whips who?
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